Being poor for some of us is normal. We have a fair idea of you know what and we survive. For the most part, it is being realistic to what's happening in the family, in the community and the region. The cost of groceries has gone up, rent has gone up, gas, electricity; they have all gone up.

Before we start blaming someone, it is a global trend. This is due to Climate Change, monetary system and trade wars, rent or housing mortgage, Pandemic and antivaxxed protests; and the domino effect is offset from the top to rest at the bottom of society.

All that blame and frustration is bottled up when ends don't meet and it takes a minor incident to initiate an explosion. This is usually in the family among close family members and loved ones. Remember, the children are at the bottom of society. This time we know better, it is not us, it is not our fault least of all our children!

First, we have to understand the likely cause and effect of these economic events. Why Climate Change? Well, Climate Change has caused flooding; drought; seasons of hurricanes and tornadoes. As a result, crops fail to produce, spread of disease affect animals and those depend on affected farms migrate. Some become refugees as their livelihood wiped out.

The demand on rare earth metal has also contributed to Climate Change in the destruction of earth along with depletion and extinction make short of economic supply for certain products in the electronic field.

The dollar has no credit to rely on for balance. It is invested on itself to make more dollars. So when more dollars were invested on China wares, Trump raised fees and tariffs for China imports. China in return did the same and a trade war was fully blown.

As a result, goods and services from China were added additional costs of tariffs and fees became too expensive for some business. They themselves couldn't operate and made workers redundant. The family man or woman is left at home with his/her family working out how to survive.

We just couldn't understand why rent and the cost of housing increase all the time when the housing is in fact getting old and damaged from wear and tear. It doesn't produce much work contributing to the generation of the economy or its GDP. So what's driving the housing market?

Remember the fiat dollar has no credit balance and the house becomes a means to speculate it values not for us or other residents and citizens, but for corporate shareholders. Property investors may buy a block of housing and sell it to shareholders for a profit. And the housing market becomes a casino for those who can afford it. It doesn't serve a social end.

If the dollar had a balancing object of value, the dollar would not have risen to extremes beyond its balance and the housing market could still be affordable. Some economists and social commentators suggested a green energy value to direct investments to the future.

Nonetheless, they are targeting us as a means to their end. Least of all places, Porirua recorded the highest increased and from local knowledge, it is the poor demanding houses but are paying for the rich. It is a distant scenery from the classic sight of real estate shaded by green meadows and sunlight to hint at its commercial value. Now, a poor person could live up to three months in the shadows of concrete walls obscuring daylight.

This may also explain the movement of folks looking for affordable accommodation across the country. But as we become aware, the poor provides a demand for corporate shareholders.

The Pandemic caused lockdowns slowing down businesses and of course workers like business depend upon handouts. But the economy slowed because of the disruption to both products and workers. Of course, the shortages are a capitalism opportunity to raise prices.

This is demonstration of an ideal reality. Business cannot survive without workers and consumers. Both business owners among workers and consumers share the production of goods and services as well as profits. It's not them and us, we are all in it.

However, some opportunistic people took advantage of the Pandemic to deliver a political end. And political exertion is placing a gun to the head to do this or else! Protestors are claiming to know more than doctors and scientists.

Again, as a result of their political protests had caused disruption to transport and distribution of goods and services added to the fate of inflation.

Despite US attempts to be seen in the Pacific, there is no doubt that China has at least enlightened the burden for families as far as infrastructure development and price inflation.

In the current state of global economic affairs, the rich get richer as for us we have to maintain our families and communities for support in our time of need.

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