Ok, how about a Public Private Partnership project set up to replace the safety net that was pulled down to make way for the private sector?

I was drawn to a video which suggested to examine the believing or religious mind involving four scientists; all of whom were psychologists of sorts and all of them are atheists.

The reason I downloaded the video was because the title was something like science and religion. After the intro, I shut down the video and deleted it from my computer.

I consider my mind and thoughts mine and want to protect them from contamination by propaganda. You be careful who puts an idea in your mind and can you remain open minded and hold your stand without influence?

Folks with social needs are vulnerable to all sorts of propaganda and scams. There are also coercive forces pushing your nerves to the edge.

There are about 7 billion believers in various religions and 1 billion and a bit of non-believers or atheists. Yet, all you see on social media are videos and promotions of non-believers and their claim that there is no God. It looks like a commercial enterprise.

My question is, does it matter if more people believe than not? And after all, it is a right to believe or not to believe.

In my own journey, there are a few things that I cannot explain and remained mysterious to me. Some of those incidents could have easily resulted with the end of my life, but I had no idea how I survived without a scratch. Science would not have been able to explain that.

I too had arrived at a stage where if God is all good and powerful, then why all the evil; wars; climate change; violence and crime?

Then I discovered that we have our freedom to do as we wish. Freedom is sanctioned or validated by the responsibility. If we decide to go to war, we are responsible for the consequences. So why didn't God stop us from killing ourselves? But if God stopped and rescued us, then God is interfering with our freedom. And that makes God not all good but a dictator. This renders the choice to believe free and moral.

There is an argument that there is no such thing as freedom when forces of nature and necessity influence our behaviour. If so, then why are we punished for the consequences of our actions if we are merely a link to the cause and effect of events?

An article or a book becomes a source to discover the mind of the writer. That's how corporations collected information on potential consumers. And for some writers, the so-called assessment of his/her work is a revelation of his/her mind and personality. It's a risk if you don't have resources or if you are a targeted journalist.

Anyone who has read any of my articles would come to realise a consistent approach to Poverty and promotion of what's right. I also have an interest in science in reasoning the truth and what's right.

I have shifted so much from place to place among the poor neighbourhood, mixing in with the folks.

There are two types of writers according to me. One who is pro status quo and share commercial status with business and secularism. There are also religious authors who promote the political right that I have referred to as extreme and they too seem to promote the status quo and material capitalism.

The other writers are usually independent and are more involved with raising awareness and promotion of social justice.

The general media seems to favour the former category of authors who adhere to the status quo and secularism. The latter group are self-promotional and can catch mass interests on shared issues.

There are about 7 billion believers among the poor and promotion of the common good is a shared value among different beliefs. And religion have established communities around the world helping the poor.

And let me tell you that those who have some sort of status in the church are the harshest critics of morality, but they are never seen anywhere near a community project helping out anyone. They are local pharisees who look for faults to persecute someone.

So, researching into the cause of struggles and hardship helps the resolution of Poverty. So why would anyone oppose to doing what is right?

I would think that an atheist community project helping out the homeless and addicts would be in hot demand right now. At the same time, are there any homeless believers in those homes? But you know, apart from pharisees, it's genuine believers who have that care and compassion for those in need. May God bless them!

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