Let's say that what is considered right by most people is less harmful or without pain and have some bearings on satisfaction and happiness. This could easily become a material desire that is experienced by the senses or personal pleasures.

However, what's right is not limited to material desires; it can also be achieved by quantification of mental desire of ideas, thoughts and principles.

The former idea of what's right is typical of the individual's happiness, the latter associates with community involvement.

In My Social Relations therefore: the individual's happiness is achieved by selfish material desires that are subjective; the community's happiness is achieved by sharing of principles or values contributed to its stability, are objective.

Subjectivism is the state of unpredictability where the fulfilment of material desires may lead to harmful and destructive consequences. The opposite is true of Objectivism.

Considering the harmful consequences, the individual's subjective choice is therefore not a right choice. Nonetheless, the individual claims that one has the freedom and right to do whatever he/she pleases. Yes, we have been here before, subjective freedom or right are harmful therefore are not the right choices.

It appears that some would consider harm and destruction a choice and they have a right to that choice. I think they claim to have a right to impose harm and destruction to others and not upon themselves.

If so, then it's an invalid choice because what they consider right for others is not for them. It has that macho attitude about it.

And this is where logical reasoning gives way to political exertion for lack of a better word.

We are informed by science and democratic processes that covid-19 is a virus that has caused death. We have learned this fact in reality that millions have perished from the virus.

So in order to keep people especially the vulnerable safe, vaccines are made for this purpose. It falls in with our condition of what's right; that is less harmful and have some protection from death.

There is also no doubt that the Pandemic has caused disruptions to the economy, to businesses and to people's lives. Lockdowns have forced people to stay home and for some is also queueing up for a food parcel.

Now the real exertion is when political opportunists take advantage of the Pandemic to promote anti-government sentiments by creating and spreading fake news, misinformation and conspiracy theories.

And for social media fanatics among star wannabes, this is paradise.

It is fair to say that responsible governments suggest vaccination to protect life. This results with enforcements of employees to be vaccinated. But anti-vaxxers which is not ruling out opposing political party agents protest against vaccines as dictatorial and intrusive of their freedoms and rights.

This is what I mean by political exertion. It is knowing that the argument is invalid, but the defying statement is like a stand-over use of political force. It is particularly bold statement when protestors are using tractors, or trucks, or bikes or crowded gathering as a symbol of power.

So political exertion is a bold statement voice over macho graphic images attempting to terrorise the opposition. It is nothing short of violent, verbal and psychological abuse to deliver a political message.

Getting back to reason, the government has placed itself in the line of fire to protect the vulnerable of society. I'm sure individual members of the government have themselves received more than their fair share of graphic warning and threats over the so-called Pandemic. And to me, political exertion has not only politicalised the Pandemic, but has also reared hard core race and gender discriminations.

Good on the government for standing up for the rights and freedom of the vulnerable young and old who are not able to defend themselves.

At this point in time, the economic cloud of inflation and climate change is shaded darker by the Russian threat. Add this to the antivaxxed mandate protest is advanced escalation.

The trouble is, why the innocent and vulnerable are the worse affected by this manmade political disaster, why doesn't it come down directly upon them and not upon everyone else?

Let's say that what seems right according to political exertion is an altered perception of heightened instincts expressed in macho thuggery terrorising everyone else's right to health and wellbeing.

Further, their so-called right is subjective and cannot be trusted to uphold a stable reality other than destruction. I think it's fair to say this group is a minority of fundamentalists among right wing nationalists. The rest are their thrill seekers looking for excitements and popular opportunities.

The majority of society are law abiding citizens sharing what's right for the good of society.

And finally, two fingers of the hand that was last jabbed are numb! It's a nuisance because I cannot send the information to my fingers when I'm typing and resulting with errors.

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