Anyone who raises a war cry now could become a president or prime minister instantly under the current climate of confusion and uncertainty. It is not consciousness, but rather anarchy. That is; people feeling with the suffering raise empathetic consciousness, but since the suffering continues and nothing is done, consciousness turns into anger and anarchy.

And anarchy is freedom to do whatever in the absence of democratic rule. This anarchy could turn inwards. For example, knowing an opposition leader that favours war, he/she could become the next president. But instead of fighting against Putin, he/she could turn against the opposition and initiate a civil war!

The internal war of adversaries between pro-war right wing nationalist tradition and social democratic progressives, is a symbolic representation between static capitalists and social progressives. In extremes, it is between Communism and Capitalism.

It just shows that trade does not have a tight tweak to bind relations. Most countries have trade relations with China including Russia. But when it comes to atrocities against innocent human including children and the elderly, trade is preferred over the lives of innocents.

India opted out of like nations' sanctions against Russia, allegedly because of its trade. It has been argued that the population depended upon trade also risk their lives from short supply and inflation. But really, they are not helpless under bombardment as they sleep in their homes at night. They wake up refugees in the morning as their homes left denigrated and decimated.

A member of the so-called QUAD in the interest of Asia Pacific, I'm not so sure. But India seems to be doing its own thing outside democratic international treaties. The point is, its allegiance to Russia is turning against the West and relations could be deteriorated.

At the same time, Germany is somewhat quiet over Ukraine too. Along with the EU, they are also caught up on gas trade.

All that build up is summed up in a suggestion that Putin's invasion of Ukraine has caused the EU and the West to double up transitions from fossil fuel to alternatives. That makes Putin's invasion of Ukraine yet another fortuitous calamity, but it illustrates how stagnant people are when it comes to changes from the old to the new. It is transformation of old school behaviour that gives the younger generations their future, or what's left of it.

International polls have clearly suggested peace between the divide; between the old and the new; between the aged and the young. And the stagnation or lack of movement is the reluctance of the old to let go and allow the young to take over.

The majority has shown anger at allowing Putin to dictate war and global trade is directed at the government in place.

However, we have witnessed in places that opposition challengers have to protect their lives while force is a major tool for delivering traditional policies.

Natural differences are historically defined. Trade has interconnected and overlapped relations, but not tightly tweaked to stabilise historical differences. So if trade relations therefore be woven along natural differences, I'm sure Russia and China can bombard their own allies without adverse effects on non-binding nations. And since they bestow their allegiance to their own allies, it should be a guaranteed to security of trade as an allied member.

However, there is a problem with independence and sovereignty along historical difference. I'm sure this is an internal affair involving laws and democratic policies of each country. But it has become a platform for terrorist organisation fighting for separation, for self-rule and independence.

Is it about market maintenance under democratic rule or subordination of units of production; the world just cant stand by and watch a dictator slaughter the people to the ground in the name of terrorism.

While immigration may have to rethink its policies, natural differences would separate communism countries from democratic ones and no trade in between. In that way, any interference from adversaries is an all-out war.

And that at least is certainty, no more confusion and uncertainty. We know violence and war is part of life for sure no two ways about it.

The alternative to the above is the majority option for peace. But peace it seems is only likely when the younger generation takes over democratic progress. It's nor for lacking of fighting, it is a shift in mentality.

The alternative may not have to rearrange immigration and citizenship as trade continues to interconnect and overlap over one mental paradigm, the same consciousness. It's the only natural social organisation that renders respects to human irrespective of difference.

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