I tend to associate tribe with social organisation by right-wing autocratic regimes, especially where atrocities are evident in the lives of ordinary citizens.

In the face of Putin's invasion of Ukraine, I have necessarily attributed his behaviour genetic and descended from Nomadic and Slavic backgrounds.

I admit I don't know much about Russian tribes and its generalising characteristics that early men are normally brutal as their tribal organisation is hierarchical where potential chiefs practically fight for the right to rule. The ruler in turn is feared for his archaic and powerful antics typical of that tribal era of organisation. So I guess it is inherent of a tribal right to gain by force hence invasion.

Thus I have referred to the term tribe not directed to a particular group or ethnicity, but anyone demonstrating characters of dictatorial or rule by force. The social consequences of such rule are normally endured by hardship struggles of the mass. It basically illustrates the right-wing mantra of austerities and punishment for the mass in class maintenance.

Modern tribe therefore is capitalism in nature characterised by right wing policies as to subordination and control.

That mentality according to me is tradition. And tradition is maintained by the awareness of class membership and practice. Hints of this tradition is obvious in institutional roles of bureaucratic and corporate rule where a tribal strand is implicit but obvious.

I'm afraid, the above tradition is also prevalent in conventional religion. Religion as I understand it is the founding of forgiveness of sins and restorations of relations with God and the community. But now, it is too good for sinners among others. Is it possible that tradition don't have a category for modern sinners? And any religion with such tribal tradition is guilty of heresy.

God is greater, diverse and multidimensional.

Having said that, a known right-wing extreme in Le Pen has proposed social policies to address the needs of the poor. This is too good to be true and in times of election campaigns, anyone can say anything. So it's a wait and see moment.

I have also noticed the tactic used by our own local right-wing parties which tend to promote the social needs of the poor but at the same time referring to right wing ideological policies. It is an attempt to confuse and capture the poor vote by packaging right wing business policies in brown envelopes.

How much more creative the packages appear is subjective (deceptive) marketing in the highest inflation in thirty years. It's a bit like selling old stock at inflation prices. The shortage of materials for semi-conductors is not exactly the same as tomatoes. But the price of tomatoes usually hypes at a whisper.

If inflation is true, then recession is inevitable. But if inflation is controlled, then so is recession. And it's the same old static struggle over and over.

Whether it's boom or bust; inflation or recession; the one thing is for sure, the rich gets richer and the poor poorer. The morning breaks a new dawn and yet it's the same old scene. The struggle of day and night is nothing more than a repetitious cycle of static deterioration.

If one is enjoying the benefits of such organisation, then I guess it's a luxurious lifestyle. But if one is enduring the struggles prompting the structure of such lifestyles, it's a different story. Then all the categories of tradition including religion and sin are acceptable.

Hey, it's not too bad if valuable objectives in life are more important than material luxury. The so-called Underclass where hardship and Poverty is endured becomes a lifestyle with purpose. There are more satisfying things in life than the mere material.

However, that is not the point! While I am enjoying my isolated life in Poverty, it is the direction where life is heading that's a concern. I know I have mentioned this several times before, but I have to say it again and again. Climate Change is real. And it's heading towards the point of no return.

The lifestyle that projects objective purposes from the least in life is greater than the achievements accomplished by the most expensive materials. It's felt in the heart and distinguished the difference between a humble and a luxurious lifestyle.

In life's struggle of progress, one becomes a slave to the static material and another becomes a master of him/herself. At the end of the day, a brittle old man walks towards the sunset in honour of tradition that cultured his humble lifestyle with purpose.

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