What's that feeling of being addicted to a material possession for profit but the material object in question is the cause of a malignant and benign growth. This growth has spread and threatening life of the whole planet.

So in order to sustain the malignant growth, the addict has claimed his/her right to be greater than the lives of the many. And nobody raises any issue while the malignant growth is left quietly to starve and stagnate objective developments for the preservation of life.

This is the sub-variant of the capitalist virus, SCV. The capitalist is addicted to the material - the object of his/her desire. At the same time, he/she knows that the object of desire is a malignant growth destroying not only his/her life but also the lives of the whole system; the world.

It's a wonder knowing that the sub-variant is eating away at life but the capitalist host is willing to sacrifice own self to the SCV. Worse, world leaders and authorities know what's happening, but they too are reluctant to do anything about. Let me rephrase that, some world leaders and authorities know what's going on, but are afraid to talk about in fear for not only their own lives but also the lives of their people and loved ones.

Knowing the fact that the SCV is destroying life, yet willingly allowing it to succeed defies principles of belief, science, education and civilization. Something is not right, least of all no conscience no guilt.

Addicted to the object of desire, the possessor has that lazy and neglectful attitude about obligations and responsibilities. It suggests a symptom of the illness that is common among men possessed with power.

The SCV host is not considered mentally incapacitated, but anyone who chooses against logic and scientific evidence begs the question.

In fact, these capitalist men are masters of social engineering. They have somewhat modified social behaviour to be addicted to sedative substances. In so doing, the material object of desire is branded a valued commodity prompting the economy while social behaviour is smeared as deviated. This perfectly places the blame upon the individual and consumers away from capitalists.

And the corporate gate keeper capitalist media does the rest. We are familiar with repetitious advertisements of material production such that fossil fuel is promoted as good for the family while radioactive material is perceived as healthy.

The same corporate capitalist media engages on propaganda of misinformation; pointing to a perceived struggle between feminism and traditional conservativism to influence the vote.

With unequal access to resources and information, the population is convinced. The object of desire and source of SCV illness is safeguarded a valuable commodity.

This is our uphill struggle against powerful corporate and capitalist forces with unending wealth and resources. This is where nature is the turning point. Material growth depleted and creatures extinct but feelings and thoughts of the mind emerge.

The corporate and capitalist media has resorted to unprovoked personal attacks in attempt to silence the truth. The truth is, the paradigm shift is not restricted to the physical or emotional, but also to the mind and spirit.

The capitalist fanatic men depend on the material means to sustain their power. But when the material means is scarce and depleted, they have nothing left. The end of the material line is all dark. And the capitalist fanatic men of power rule the dark by force. And the dark force of corporate and capitalist men can only succeed when women among the young of intellect do nothing.

This is not a struggle between feminism and conservatism or between gender and culture. It is between civil objectivism and SCV machoism.

Symptoms of SCV illness is demonstrated by Putin in the invasion of Ukraine. When the material has possessed the mind and body, there is nothing left, only darkness. It continues the static cycle of malignant and benign growth, the static cycle of darkness.

Under SCV conditions, addicts cannot be relied upon for logical decisions. And at the same time, believers may not be impartial. But since the whole world is subjected to addiction, misinformation, fear and confusion, we are stuck in anarchy.

The natural phenomenon of the same consciousness is not a lack of macho aggression or war attitude, it is a shift of mentality. We have witnessed that capitalistic fanatics of the material haven't got what it takes; no conscience, no guilt. It only knows how to rule by force.

The Aotearoa PM raised transition of energy from fossil fuel to clean energy when campaigning for office. Other women leaders among the young of the world raised similar concerns on Diversity, Equality /Equity, Refugee and Poverty. But I think those proposals ended up in SCV folders of irresponsibility and neglect.

We have the one feeling consciousness movement in time, we can continue to raise awareness about the truth and life against the corporate and capitalist virus.

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