It's probably undesirable to ask Putin to stop killing innocent civilians, or its allies to stop supporting Putin by buying his oil and gas. You'd expect a threatening response as to freedom, sovereignty, autonomous and something like 'might is right'.

The need for oil and gas or fossil fuel fires vehicles for transportation of goods and services, also for running machines generating electricity and so on. We somehow depend on fossil fuel to support life.

The trouble is, oil and gas emit C02 contributing to Climate Change. And Climate Change is destroying our planet, the place we call home.

When depletion of resources fails to supply demands for manufacturing and development, capitalists offset inflation. But the short of supply gives rise to the struggle for survival. This in turn gives rise to protests, invasion and war.

We are not only depended on fossil fuel, but also addicted that without meeting our desires, it basically overwhelms that modest portion of the mind to make reasonable decisions.

When this happens, it appears that human is descended down a spiral to tribal organisation. Chiefs among warriors rise to fight for the survival of own tribe.

Notice at the same time, the smaller and weaker nations fail to defend themselves and their resources are subjected to annihilation.

First, the mode of sustaining the means of survival has led us to a spiral. Second, the influence material means of survival had affected our mentality.

Descending down the spiral to the level of tribal organisation, or some would call it zombies is a rule of feelings and senses heightened to desires of the material.

Climate Change had already set the path to definite destruction, but now human has descended down the spiral and have accelerated the path of destruction.

You see, the static cycle of the material is running out of fuel or material resources that fuel its turn. At the same time, human has lost his/her rational mind to material contamination.

It's only a matter of time before the wheel stops. This probably needs an epic flood or ice age to purify the mind and starts over again. A world war would not resolve it because whether Communism of Capitalism emerges, it merely continues from where we were before the war. And the static cycle of the material continues to turn.

The static cycle of the material is chronic and as long as we are depended on the material, we seem to be moving when we are in fact truly stuck!

If addiction heightens feelings and senses over rational mind, this descends human behaviour down the spiral to tribal. Is it possible to reverse this behaviour?

When the tribal character of a leader is tested, the outcome is crucial to the lives of many including his/her people. Under this tribal mentality, it's obvious that in times of need, human tends to be possessive and brutal.

We have identified that tribal behaviour emerges when the rational mind is overwhelmed by instincts of desire. This is not to say that tribal behaviour is the result of addiction but there is no doubt that tribal mentality is macho and machoism is a selfish trait that is worshipped among tribalists. It's that anthropological feeling of one's tribe to be powerful and superior over other tribes. I guess that makes war a sport to prove that mentality.

This tribal aspect is proven by the fact that the whole world apart from Russians and its allies opposed Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

That is why the tribal mentality has to pass in order to succeed over the static cycle.

Having said that, there is a civilised development among young leaders that is opened to diversity and are like minded about shared issues of Climate Change and alternative energy, as well as Equality /Equity, Poverty, refugee and so on.

I'm not saying that women among the young are not tribal at all. No, young people have grown up around violence and many extreme offenders are first time offenders. Women too have proven to be right up there with warmongers to mention Thatcher of out time.

However, there is a good chance among the young who have grown up to experience the consequences of decisions made by previous generations. The younger generation also have grown up with diverse ethnicities and cultures and have more tolerance and acceptance of others beside themselves.

Having said that, Nature as in feelings and senses in the modern world of advance technology is an advantage if opened to improve cultural diversity as opposed to closed tribal politics.

It's only a matter of time before the static cycle of the material comes to a halt.

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