We may have been able to realise a paradigm shift, but we have failed to study its consequences. However, it has led us to witness real-life transition from the old mentality to the new.

I did mention somewhere a little while ago about conflicts of the same values perceived by the same people in different times. Given that the mentality of Soviet Union lingers in the modern when regions became independent, the former mentality is sentimental about power and super status. And this is demonstrated in the invasion of Ukraine.

Another example is the tension between traditional churches and modern megachurches. The traditional ones are barely attended by the older generation, the modern megachurches are busting with the younger generation.

The world has naturally woven closer by economic trade and peaceful relations. Trade relations have established dependency on resources and distribution for economic maintenance and survival. But as conflicts escalate, it threatens the order of peaceful organisation and the stability of life.

There seems to be a fundamental dispositional attitude with the older mentality that is either corrupted by addiction or by power. It is however influenced by dependent behaviour imposed by the mode of sustaining the means of survival.

We could have published fair warning on the above potentials, but then who would believe such warnings in the height of fake news propaganda, disinformation and sabotage let alone from an unknown source?

So one prospect follows; if Nature is a social evolution and a paradigm shift is natural progress in stages, then transitional transformation from the old to the new has potentials to sprout deviational mutations.

Let's say Nature leans towards the sun for growth. When mutations occur, a branch of nature offshoot may not lean towards the sun, but towards a shadow region. That branch may not grow naturally but it may still grow. And obviously the lack of sun for growth in the shade may characterise the behaviour of the deviated branch.

I know, it is expected of the farmer to come along and cut off the deviated branch in the best interest of the tree and the whole plantation. However, knowing the nature of capitalism, the deviated branch along with good products are all saved for the sake of profit.

Another prospect follows a sentimental longing or addiction and mental corruption that has deceived supporters of the shaded side. Some nations have decided not only to support the shaded side by refusing to cooperate with Climate Change agreements but also failing to observe sanctions against dictatorial regimes.

The third prospect is the influence of profit that has more or less stagnated decisions on Climate Change.

And the possible causes of static developments range from natural mutations or social abnormalities to addiction and mental illness.

The third party to the cause is capitalists. They have a vested interest on profit. And it seems that capitalists have accepted that Climate Change would destroy life on earth, but decided to ride along with possible causes by gripping tight on profit to the burning end.

And this is true of our existent. We have somewhat resigned to the idea of living with good and bad, light or shade. But no one has decided on the extreme of destroying the whole earth to preserve a lifestyle. Such decision is evidential of the fact that illness has something to do with it.

The possibility of an offshoot leaning to the shaded region is also new growth. The sentimental feeling of the past is not new. This has implied that the conflict is not an abnormality but a deliberate diversion away from change.

It points towards power, capitalism and profit. Therefore suggests an existent of an elite group who owns everything including the media and governments decides to divert attention away from change. Thus invasion and war is a deliberate ploy not only to divert attention but also to incite fear among the mass. And fear is controlled by autocratic regimes. Do we expect a Western movement to the right!

Whether its sentimental, addiction, corruption or fear, they all have the same goal. Anti-change, anti-transformation from the old to the new in favour of maintaining the old regime and subordination of the workers among the poor.

The pandemic, inflation, invasion and war are all leaning towards a class struggle to continue ownership of the means of production. And the rest is fake news, disinformation, propaganda and sabotage.

Meantime, democratic government leaders have become human right advocates and peace ambassadors to safeguard innocent lives among war refugees. How can we rely on our democratic right in the face of elite manipulation and control is beyond human reckoning…

France's vote illustrated the power of the people to decide against any elitism and media control. If that man Elon Musk was talking about true freedom of the people, then his Twitter platform may become a powerful instrument for civilisation.

Elon Musk for president? In the absence of fake news and misinformation, social media can become a powerful voice of the people.

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