If I am to program a functional human being, I would not only teach principles the basis of ethical and logical decisions, but also include a purpose design diet. And this development is conducted in a selective controlled environment.

God created Eve and Adam; Eve and Adam created clones. Cloning in the natural process is not the manipulation of the chromosome, but rather independent and autonomous nature.

For example, Natural Selection is supposed to be a natural process. Instead, it is socialised by propaganda after the fact. The status quo is one such method of favouring one race over another.

Nepotistic laws and access to wealth and resources in favour of that race, are all based after the fact. The media dictates the topics of debate and promote interests of one race over another. And the effects of Colonisation are still prevalent in social institutional decisions today.

Take the topic of war and all the tribal men usually of right-wing nationalists status show up. And as long as these tribal men rule politics, economic and social organisation, violence whether in the form of social struggles, conflicts or war are imminent. It's in the gene.

There was hope in the development of A.I. that would develop independent and ethical decisions as natural but we have learned that the machine is contaminated by the human input.

Advance science may talk about changing behaviour by manipulating the genes, but that is not only cheating but playing the creator role. They are also advancing on an organic machine but with a contaminated memory, it's all in vain.

However, the underlying basis of My Social Relations is the mind. I was saying that if the mind is set in one idea to become the basis of belief, that idea is passed down from the mind to the cell and onto future generations.

At the same time, we have learned that some ideas have led to disasters and violent atrocities, yet some are reluctant to change.

There is an adamant belief that absolute ideas don't change. If this is the case, we are lucky to survive today. I believe we have survived because of changes in thinking and diet whether we knew it or not.

And now we are stuck in the idea of capitalism that everything we do and eat supports the lifestyle of another group. And this material cycle keeps turning our struggles over and over.

Ideas stem from two sources that I know of: one; from copies and imitation of nature and two; from pure or subjective sources.

We know that copies and imitations are contaminated and subjective pure sources are not relied upon to support reality.

And this is where the mind is natural and more reliable than advanced science. The idea undergoes a period of trial and error. This is measured by experience in terms of pain and pleasure. Both experiences are subjective, and the final test is objectivism.

That is, a pure subjective idea doesn't mean a thing unless it serves an objective purpose to the stability of life. And the process starts from the senses input to feelings, output to emotions and, to produce an outcome in the heart and mind.

If the idea doesn't produce an objective outcome, it remains subjective. But during the process, the idea could be modified and made required changes to produce a purposeful or objective outcome.

It is natural that if a food is unhealthy, we stop eating it. If a behaviour is painful, we change it. But changes start from the mind once again to validate the holistic process. The machine might trim off pieces of nerve cells, but the mind could still be thinking of the old poisonous or painful idea.

There is a hint to the treatment of addiction that rests in the mind.

And the top-down process is conducive to holistic nature that the mind is the base control of the whole system. Attempts have been made to minimise harmful behaviour by rewards and punishment for good and bad behaviour typical of the ground-up process. But a conditional approach is dependent on the stimulant.

However, the top-down process requires a control environment where contamination is absent in the nursery stage and later introduced to limited contamination until it's fully autonomous.

You see, nature has a system in place for self-maintenance, but this is weakened and overwhelmed by propaganda of materialism and ideological beliefs.

If God is everywhere, you can imagine God bigger than the universe. A God perspective of everything everywhere is just simply unknowable. At the same time, God is still absolute. But for a human perspective to make sense of God is only relative.

That means human may observe this part of the universe and in order to make sense of the other part of the universe, human has to change perception according to time and place. That is, God may be the same here and there but also different at the same time. God is diverse and multidimensional.

And according to time and place has a relative perception from female to male, from objects to creatures. No one can fully comprehend the nature of God.

So accordingly, belief is also relative and perfectly logical to change in order to sustain life. Change therefore is natural and necessary for the maintenance of life.

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