An open mind has a chance to change perception from dogmatic belief of old to the new. It's possible that he/she can discover infinite opportunities for creation outside a narrow vision. When perception is opened to a wider scope of existence, he/she would find unlimited discoveries to explore.

Instead, unfound fears are the result of ideological belief founded on nationalism. It's the dogmatic belief of tribal tradition that one's ethnicity is superior therefore has a God-given right to dictate while everyone else is repressed to inferiority. That's the static and narrow vision within the framework of capitalism.

The macho band had ruled and led us to where we are, but even in brokenness, the macho ideology is heightened in sentiment for war. Thus capitalistic or material progress leaves behind victims of invasion, genocide, and colonisation in its path. And development is a race to improve weapons and the means to destruction.

War is somewhat justified by capitalism to invade and conquer another nation to loot the spoils. While it confiscates wealth and resources, it also worships a macho status to rule.

Unless one is a macho warmonger, I don't think many would want to live in such a world where status is ranked by his death tally. The idea precedes a strategic plan to own and control the means of survival. And for as long as the organisation of survival is controlled by fear, real life is a static existence. The rest is a media fabricated illusion.

And that is why in brokenness, nationalism heightens the ire to dictate and fight for survival. War is survival thus life is war. And there the most advanced nations also have the most advanced weapons of destruction.

This is now a capitalism development for the less advanced nations. To secure the means of survival, a smaller nation opens its port for super power base. And all of a sudden smaller nations become important strategic targets for war plans. Whoever had the great idea to militarise the region is now coming home to roost.

It's inevitable that the race for strategic positions would offer to militarise the third world in the expansion of nationalist capitalism.

We have witnessed this cycle and in hindsight, the captured would soon strike out to claim their freedom and independence from super power rule. And the whole cycle of protests, conflicts and invasion turn all over again.

The static cycle of the material convinces the people they have opened their eyes to something new. Well, that's part of the corporate capitalist media, to brainwash and capture in delusions.

From the narrow margins of this material vision, nothing can be done because the self fulfill prophecy has materialized and the dogmatic belief is now a living being; many nationalist living beings.

For those among the poor who hope for a less violent world, the target is in the gene. Cleansing the gene is practically extracting fossil fuel and weapons from the veins. But older folks have resigned to the idea of the impossible; they have let it ridden to the end. And the spiral yet proved a self-fulfilled prophecy.

I have suggested the younger generation have a better chance for change. They have grown up informed of the consequences of Climate Change, war and struggles that may have nothing to do with them.

Right now, a window of opportunity has opened up a chance to replace fossil fuel with cleaner energy. But the capitalist mentality would replace fossil fuel with more fossil fuel. They are only replacing owners and locations of supply from Russia to somewhere in the Middle East or the Mediterranean.

As if we didn't know, Climate Change gives rise to depletion of resources and extinction of the species. This in turn gives rise to short supply of resources for manufacturing and development. Yes, the result is inflation. Depletion, Extinction and Inflation offset conflicts for survival including war.

We also know that Climate Change is here to stay, so is short supply and inflation. And by just replacing fossil fuel with more fossil fuel is a free ride for suppliers. The consumers endure corrupt capitalist decisions as you know why the reluctance to transition to clean energy.

And guess what, the gullible are been paid to protest for mining and oil exploration. Does it suggest that nationalist among capitalist have paid the gullible and desperate to fight their wars for them?

From this point onwards, nations will have more weapons than food. And if they are not killed in genocides, they are starving themselves to death. And there the prophecy of no return is fulfilled.

I know the gene is passed down the generations, but there is a better chance for change among the young. The older generations pretty much set in their ways with little chance of a changed perception.

And finally, the price of goods and services are increased because of fuel and gas inflation. How about goods and services that are transported by electric vehicles? The capitalist mentality as per usual would say, oh but it's too hard to calculate blah blah; that in the face of advanced technology is an insult!

Putin's invasion of Ukraine had naturally laid out a phenomenon organisation. Not only like nations united in sanctions against, but an empathetic consciousness emerged. It's perfect security in unity as noncompliance in isolation.

However, the right-wing nationalist tribe had to raise its macho head and disunite not only from COP26 but also from global agreement on sanctions.

The inclusion of the third world from such unity provides natural protection and security from vulnerability to super powers. But the right-wing nationalist mentality has lost all that it takes to be part of the human civilization.

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