If we should terminate the gene responsible for the spiral, it not only defies belief but also defeating the very purpose of our philosophy. Still, it's compensating the thought that humans are responsible and ought to do what's right. That's exactly the point.

Humans are satisfied with the idea that its their right and freedom to do whatever even if it interferes with the rights of others. At the same time, if their life is threatened by that right, then surely society must step in and do the right thing.

And this is where we are. There are very intelligent and reasonable leaders who have arrived at the principle of doing what's right, but it's against possible populous belief.

Pilate washed his hands to relieve himself from guilt of condemning an innocent man to death, he submitted his authority to the power of the people. But when the people themselves are possessed and misled by populous desires, they usually rise against authority in riots and anarchy.

So the question is, should the leader sacrifice his/her rule for doing right or go along with populous belief and save face? But then more often than not, the media agenda behind the populous uprising is designed by an opposition party. This is relevant today when antivaxx protestors were paid to promote propaganda of an ideology.

That's politics for you. Someone is usually persecuted to redirect public attention away from the source.

It's probably a gamble and political suicide, but that is why we have great leaders who have risked their lives for principles and they carry the torch of inspiration for the ages. They are the great pathfinders of human civilisation.

Nobel journalist Maria Ressa stood up for what’s right by reporting death sentences of drug dealers in the Philippines.

To get back to the point of this essay, the decision of the few to backslide and neglect decisions on fossil fuel and Climate Change is clearly putting the lives of the whole world at risk.

The propaganda machine behind the drive is political and economic. They don't wish to lose the privileged position to control everything in life. The economic aspect is plan B to back politics in Plan A.

Science support real experiences that Climate Change is here and already devastating life on earth. The social effect has given rise to conflict, war and refugee. But at the same time, economic developments are not very forth coming in transitional changes.

And this is a Pilate moment either to save face or to risk political suicide. But a greater glory to bear the torch of the ages is a realistic possibility.

We know the responsible gene has contaminated human in the generations. But it's probably not ideal to conduct a technological termination of the same gene although the Pandemic proves it's possible. We also know the power of social media to promote propaganda of fake news and popular opinion.

Political leaders themselves are not very shy in courting the vote by unusually promoting issues related to opposition parties. Watch out folks, they are targeting the usual gullible voter.

Despite the fact that the media has adapted a terrorist ploy promoting secular issues on religious holy and feast days, there is a chance that consciousness of what's right will prevail. It's an undemocratic representation by the media, but consciousness emergence on the invasion of Ukraine proves that fact.

It's a dark conscience to stand by and allow fellow humans to die from war and disasters of Climate Change. Its evil to promote and spread fake news leading to the loss of life. And it is likely that this type of behaviour is motivated by strong emotions of material desire.

However, being the people of principles, we continue to promote efforts to achieve a non-violent means of achieving wellbeing. And we promote the development of alternative energy. We promote diverse organisation, equity and equality. The people with conscience who understand the human heart are aware of what ought to be right.

It is unlikely that our common goals would be supported by tribal macho traditions who are contaminated and addicted to fossil fuel and violence.

And that is why women among younger people stand a better chance of leading us away from the spiral.

The macho tribal and traditional male is probably good at economic accumulation and control to benefit own people. But at the same time, we must produce a purpose in life by breaking the static cycle of deterioration. We must find a meaningful purpose for living rather than mere units of production generating profit for the capitalists.

And that demonstrates a transitional transformation from the material to the heart and mind. It is the objective purpose of material developments that supports life and not destroy it.

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