A sacred tenet of common belief renders merit of struggles for development. The followers are led to believe in the future of our children and their children, the capitalist's opium of desire. But standing here in the now looking through the clouds of pollution, the symbols of the future are captured in the remnants of the past. A virtual reminder beyond the horizon, victims are immortalised by symbols of the soul.

The restless souls of the old engraved on barricaded concrete walls of developments, you can faintly hear the waning whispers of struggles, toiling the labour of weary.

The opium of desire intoxicated common believers on the march to the hill of capitalism. It is the hill of sacrifice that the future was annihilated there. And belief ended life for the children on the hill, the plane of Nothingness.

The human spirit has corrupt and transmuted an entity. Human therefore trusted his/her belief to an external existence. The external existence developed and established a natural aesthetic abstract in place of the spirit. For what is human without spirit is life without meaning, another creature has surpassed.

That's quite a contrast from the modern wonders of technology and all its material advancement, the promise of luxurious pleasure and long life. What happened to flying machines and robotic services, could have one for the house.

Like always, the keyword in here is Nothingness. Can the spirit be salient without a human element; an entity that takes over when the body passes? But human is corrupt, the elements are so contaminated the only spirit rising from within is not pure. And a contaminated spirit is not a spirit.

On the plane of the here and now, Socialism targets development for the purpose of human; mind, body and spirit. At the other end, Capitalism targets developments also for the purpose of the body. And you can begin to understand the struggle is between the social being and the material entity.

It is an internal struggle between the modes of sustaining the means of survival. Capitalism provides for the material needs of the body; Socialism targets holistic needs of being. But the confusion of internal struggle had the person tormented, sacrificed and died on the hill. Dreams and desires of the future died there.

The hill is the platform of Nothingness where a transition of the spirit takes place. Something new is the spirit that emerges from the struggle. But since human is corrupt and the elements contaminated, what has risen is a contaminated entity. A contaminated entity is not a spirit. However, an external existence emerges without human elements. It is an aesthetic abstract of Nature.

When human elements are missing, human feeling, senses and emotions are also absent from the spirit. What remains resemble the function of A.I. without human influenced. But it transcends natural beauty into being. And this is the new!

The remnants of the past is captured in the symbols of capitalism; the material, the desire, the politics; organised by a group of individuals who share the same ethnicity and kinship ties. A tribe is bound by Its material belief.

Socialism on the other hand supports social development towards maintaining social life. This is not targeting the individual's selfish ambitions, but the wellbeing of the many different groups in the community. Wealth and resources are distributed to many different groups, unite for survival.

In the modern, Climate Change has accelerated conditions of Extinction and Depletion, it is obvious that resources become scarce as the means of development are restricted to sustainable growth. Individuals among tribes realise the limitations rise to deprive others with threatening display of war and annihilation.

And one tribe has reared another head of capitalism in raising nuclear power. A super power in heighten instincts of aggression need no war for weapons of mass destruction can destroy the whole planet at the press of a button.

But a surviving tribe under capitalism is destined for imminent destruction as it too requires struggles of differences. It has turned against humanity, it would turn on own kind to save its material god.

Any normal and social human being would reason a fair strategy for all. But the spiral of the human spirit is double down in contaminating escalation from tribal ties and its allies to the realm of the individual. Eventually it's individual against individual, brother against brother. And any treaty under capitalistic terms exploits and divides as the individual unilaterally dictates the terms for own survival.

If you can recall, the pure spirit a subjective entity, it is when the principle serves an objective purpose that transcends the material into being. Pure principles and aesthetics is transcendence of nature, the natural material into being. It's seeing beauty in the object for something valuable more than the material. And the purpose is evaluated in the absence of the material culture of ethnicity, and gender or sex orientation.

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