I have traced the material logic to the end where in Nothingness, transcendence is a metaphysical development. Could it be a spiritual transformation or a second chance in aesthetic abstracts a super natural wonder?

Our post pandemic era is a period of traumatic stress disorder that has given us a taste of what's to expect in the future. We are experiencing the effects of Climate Change now along with coronavirus and for some the sacrifice of essential working and helping out associated with mix emotions is unprecedented.

If fear, panic and stress are all experienced in the cold and dark environments of flooding, fire, earthquake and tsunami without power, it may just be the critical point for some. And resources including able persons would be stretched to the limit. Damage to roads and bridges would leave us to the mercy of the elements.

And so far, the test has proven our massive failure to save ourselves. The world needs to unite in a multilateral approach to the rescue. A global coordinated effort could wipe out coronavirus but in a divided world of power struggles and individualism, coronavirus is here to stay. It won't be the last virus or contamination we'll face as long as Climate Change and struggles persist.

That is why it's time to add rescue and survival in the perception of the future. This may sound pessimistic and alarming but it's the truth. If we don't wake up now to reality, we'd be sleep walking over the cliff.

And this is the time to take advantage of our digital economy to the rescue. A mission to unite, plan and execute mission survival. This mission adds social values to A.I, algorithm and computers in integrated production to enhance not only the quality of life but also survival.

So, where do we start! It's not too bad when you think technology is digitised knowledge and information that communicate the development of production and enhancement of the quality of life. But if you ask me what the hell was that I have no idea! That's why technology has to have a human connection like we do in times of need.

We normally use our mind to solve problems; a process involving feelings, emotions and ideas. These emotions connect with others as we share problems and understand our nature. Now, smart computers use digital or program language of knowledge and information to analyse and solve problems faster and more complex than we.

It's kind of invasive to have one's feelings and thoughts read by a machine, but if life depends on it for survival then it might just be a friend more than an alien.

Not just a smart machine, but also stronger and faster. Robot could be programmed to enter critical environments in the event of flooding, earthquake or fire. It must also equipped with first aid and minor operations functions when necessary. It is really transforming those super robots to reach rugged environments whether land, sea or air.

However, like many other problems inherent of the system in place, the mission is already stuck and remote from launch. Power politics insist on unilateral decisions leaving all other players redundant. The use of material and resource is monopolised by big corporations to direct supply and demand to their brands.

Has the system rendered human beyond hope of rescuing or is there a slight chance for innocent others to survive? That's a million dollar question only God can answer and may be come to the rescue.

Human survival is now stuck on political power struggles. Capitalism has not only destroyed earth but also corrupted the mind. Is it a coincident digital mission has come to the rescue or what?

Well, if the human mind is rendered corrupt by political power struggles, then human him/herself is not professionally qualified to make ethical and moral decisions. At the same time, smart machines are programmed by humans. But there is a chance of writing an abstract program lacking human feelings and emotions.

If you begin to make sense of what's coming up, it means to survive is to withdraw from political involvement and capitalism practice. As this is integrated in the human gene, human therefore will always have his/her decisions influenced by politics and capitalism. That is why the machine abstract analysis is our only chance of survival.

Robots come to the rescue in dangerous environments where human has reached critical conditions. It is not only built and programmed to reach rough terrains; land, sea or air, it is also equipped to perform first aid and minor surgeries. And with a pure abstract analysis, human life is absolutely depended upon it.

So robots take over the UN and global organisations as humans can no longer be trusted to save him/herself. Does digital integration give rise to the advent of hybrids!

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