Well, Asia Pacific is not only true to location, but it's a safe region from turmoil of the north as far as I can recall. Why should distant India, US and UK decide what to call us as if we are some sort of abandoned baby that needs to grow up? Australia for that matter lives and breathes fossil fuel while nearby island nations are drowning in rising water and air pollution. So, it unilaterally decides nuclear power is good for everyone in the region.

The quadrilateral gang namely AUKUS has claimed a major reason for its existence is to defend the Pacific from the aggressor - China. AUKUS is said to promote democracy and multilateral decisions. Yet it made decisions for us without letting us know. Is that bullyism in the exercise of power!

A little while ago and may be a little longer, the third worlds in the Pacific were struggling for development. You know the basis of colonisation is to strip them of their resources, change their cultures and language and they are forever static in nowhere land, they will never catch up. Exactly!

And a never-ending struggle is like a never-ending war, it grows for a wee while before its uprooted by a cycle of hurricane seasons. Then it's back to the land again, only this time it's poisoned from all sorts of biochemical intervention. The struggle endured for a while until one or two of the island leaders approached China for aid.

In no time China came to the rescue and most island nations were helped with infrastructure and internal development. The China aid and development wave went across the world expanding its market as it advances its economy.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, I'm not sure about trade with UK and I think we are close friends with USA but no FTA either. So Aotearoa established trade relations with China and became its biggest trade partner which has sustained work and export for locals.

Meanwhile, UK pulled out of EU as US raised tariffs against China goods. Now, UK has run out of specialist operators. And consumers become vulnerable to monopolise and panic buying.

As tariffs were raised in a trade war, Chinese goods became too expensive in US, locals no longer afford to sustain their businesses and jobs. If China stops its imports of coal, Australia might be pushed to change wean itself from fossil fuel dependency.

The Alliance of Aggression; AUKUS seeks to revive military dominance in the Pacific. There is no aggression in the peaceful region, but the mere hype of power presence in the form of presentation of weapons of war and other macho uniformity is based on ideology. The show of military presence has drawn reaction from North Korea to test its own weapons. It is a cold war mentality.

It seems like a pretext for justification of the use of fossil fuel, nuclear energy and arm thus watering down any Climate Change obligations.

Now, if Iraq and Afghanistan are any guide to US led influence, look at them now. Their military unilateral approach has been exploited by terrorism. It has revived Terrorism to capture the population as collateral in the promotion of their demands. They trade the population's human rights in return for funds and aid. Failure has resulted with continuous atrocities. And we have witnessed the extended failure has returned Terrorist rule once more.

While China is calling out for trade and democratic participation, AUKUS is imposing its authority upon local sovereignty and diversity. It has conditioned Western membership by extortion to turn against China. And in our modern world, Diversity means AUKUS would also have Chinese citizens who are now coerced to turn against their own country.

AUKUS had decided what values should be followed by Western and Pacific nations. It is not a multilateral or diverse approach. It is rather ideological. And this is polarising diversity on ethnic divide.

And this ideology is clearly demonstrated in their approach to coronavirus. Before Biden came into office, USA was leading the death toll under Trump's management of no lockdowns or PPE. India is the next with a heavy toll. UK has since eased all lockdown but death continued. AUKUS members combined to represent about a quarter of global death toll.

What's to become of us in the cold war mentality and display of military might. US has already planned to establish military based in Australia and help with the development of nuclear. Are we subjected to arms and weapons experimentations again?

Asia Pacific is a region of peace shared between neighbouring nations. Asia Pacific is not broken and doesn't need to be fixed or renamed just because India, US, UK and Australia are threatened by Chinas economic progress.

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