A DEVIATION 27/09/21

Whether addictive, subjective and materialistic, it is the same thing. In a way coronavirus has demonstrated this expectation in our modern social organisation as a deviant behaviour.

It follows from the idea of political freedom or as some would have formalised, liberal freedom. The freedom of the individual to do as he/she pleases. Individuals expect their freedom to organise or autonomous in their own decisions with other groups in the community without intervention from the government.

Unlike the housing crisis which is a topdown policy of the previous government, liberal freedom is the freedom of the individual or his/her business entity. Mind you the previous government had given them free reign to accumulate homelessness.

At least in My Social Relations, subjective behaviour is a deviation from objective behaviour. The individual is deviated from common or social values organising business to achieve an objective outcome for the community. It's never heard of in a business party as it doesn't exercise social obligations.

During the third wave of Delta variant spread, health and science united to give objective guidelines to minimise infection and save lives. This guideline was quantified by conditions of lockdown such as isolation, vaccination, social spacing, wearing of face masks and washing hands etc..

However, according to some leaders, the individual has a right not be vaccinated or comply with lockdown conditions. This is claiming to be the individual's liberal, material and subjective right which means the individual is not bound by community protocols opt to do his/her own thing.

This deviation is happening everywhere in the world. But notice how the individual does his/her own thing in the boundaries of the community without obligation to shared and common values! You see, the liberal, material and subjective right is not compatible with the community's health and scientific guidelines or shared values.

We know the consequences, these individuals without vaccination and protection are vulnerable to infection. And since they are not bound by scientific and health guidelines, they present a risk of a breakout in the community. But in here they claim they have a right to do as they wish.

This liberal or material right is claimed by right wing groups and private business individuals. If you also notice, during the second wave, these individuals in the private sector were funded and granted handouts to sustain their business. If the state is providing support for them, then they are obliged to community guidelines. And that means, they surrender their liberal, material and subjective right to the greater good.

It gets a little muddled. We have scientific and health guidelines to follow. But a poll asks how the individual feels about lockdown and vaccinations.

Ok, there are those for medical and health reasons are not able to receive the jab. But others on the basis of political belief and rebellious are clearly outside the normal, moral and legal framework of the community.

The liberal, material or subjective freedom is relative to material needs such as having something to eat when hungry, or something to drink when thirsty or to the toilet when nature calls. No one has denied such necessary rights. This right however is not sufficient to determine the risks posed by the danger of the spread of virus to infect others.

So, individuals are asked for their opinions on the effects of coronavirus on humanity in terms of lockdown, vaccination and isolation etc. And surveys tend to return popular answers as right answers to indicate human rights and scientific or health evidence. But these are opinions, and surveys do not validate opinions as scientific evidence.

The trouble is, politicians tend to acknowledge these individuals claims for populous reasons. But a trend down the deviated branch is established. It doesn't end there. When individuals know they can get away with subjective behaviour, a social consequential trend is well and truly established. It's a bad behaviour that might be difficult to correct in the long run.

This deviation has prompted addictive economic behaviour resulting with market risks requiring the maintenance of addiction. So when individuals come out of addiction, demand is vulnerable to collapse and hence the market. But the biggest looser is the community.

Having said that, some of the opinions agree with scientific guidelines to suggest that we are on the right path. This is proven by solid facts that Delta variant was met with a hard and fast lockdown that it peaked within three weeks and had lowered the number of infections.

Had we all chose to do our own thing, we'd be struggling with a high number of infections and possible deaths, not to mention the effects it would have had on business and workers alike.

So there are reasons why poll are designed to promote a political group or sector, but at the same time, tend to mislead the people by misrepresentation of information. And I guess, health and science lose their validity when serving a political end.


Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †