Freedom is a state of not being enslaved or imprisoned. It is the exercise of conscience, thought and action without restrain.

Libertarianism is a rational expression of freedom with responsibility that in practice, one's actions should not cause harm to others or encroach upon their freedom. The (libertarianism) liberal ideology therefore seeks to promote and extend this freedom to all citizens, 'irrespective of who they are' and by supporting laws to protect their right.

Ok, I have added the phrase; 'irrespective of who they are' in the definition, because we know in reality, liberal ideology is associated with freedom of individuals who are mainly Europeans of bourgeois societies and the exercise of their rights over everyone else. I think they have an implicit expectation that non-Europeans do not know how to reason their action therefore lower in class.

And if you haven't noticed, liberal parties are located at the far right of the political spectrum. Uhm, that's the party which usually promotes harsh punishment of low-income families and non-Europeans. Punishment is the basis of their so-called rational freedom! And they seek to legalise private ownership of guns and ensure those who beg and borrow to make ends meet face the full force of the law.

To demonstrate a liberal perspective at work, new tenants moved into the neighbourhood and have their stereos up loud during all hours. They turn up their stereos to annoy local residents and have control over them. They enjoy this as game and reeling in the pleasure of winning.

Local residents couldn't sleep at night got annoyed and after reasonable consultations failed, they asked the state to regulate loud noise in the neighbourhood. But the new tenants kicked up a fuss and started a war with local residents. The new tenants won the war and have control over local residents.

Let's say the war between local residents and new tenants is a civil war. And the civil war marked a historical standpoint of reference for liberal ideology. You know the usual framework of invading a country and replace their local cultures with the culture of the invader. It's colonisation all over.

However, we know the flaws in such historical reference that the principle of liberty was not only breached, but the state failed to protect local's freedom and existing democratic rights.

And that sounds about right, most of history's point of references are marked by dark periods of colonial atrocities to humanity.

Now in a modern framework, liberalism is kind of associated with the English gentleman and the English lady who are supposed to have higher status of living and behaviour above everyone else. They wear nice clothes, drink Ceylon Tea and nibble on light biscuits. They engage on nit-picking and find pleasure in trading human labour, in sports, in war and whatever is game and desirable.

That's not all! These individuals have private rights designed to their wishes. They own most of local production and accumulation of wealth with a greater influence in finance and distribution. Meantime, locals work slave hours for a minimal pay while the cost of living including housing skyrocketed for the gentlemen's pleasure.

Oh and guess what, it sounds very much like our very own local set up. The private sector owns wealth and resources as well as having an MSD benefit on the side while locals struggle to make ends meet. The private sector rides the waggon of liberal freedom in demonstration of their luxurious lifestyle over local cultures.

Liberal ideology or ladies and gentlemen's club, the private sector is mainly made from descendants of the same ethnic group. They maintain a tribal organisation of a warring fashion to capitalise on wealth, resources and land passed down the line of descendants. This is where I got the idea of linear materialism from. It's an economic system designed to meet the needs of the one ethnic group of society.

This of course was surfaced when the economy was booming for the private sector while at the same time, over 300,000 children were living in poverty.

I'll say it again, so-called liberal freedom of the individual is a selfish ambitious desire. The private individual is a unit of the private sector with implicit claims to privileged rights that form the pretext to ownership including of property, a means to satisfying his/her desire. Unfortunately, locals among the homeless are the means to such desires.

During a period of crisis such as a the Covid-19 Pandemic, democratic and moral rights is a rational rule over and above the individual's freedom. But in our reality, local folks have to risk their lives on working the gentlemen's warehouse in order to make ends meet.

Under urgent condition of Climate Change, Depletion and Extinction along with ecocide and biocide, there is no doubt that the individual needs his/her community for survival. I don't think we can depend on the private individual as he/she is preoccupied with his/her own ambitious desire. It's clearly his/her hedonistic pleasure before anyone else's life.

It is more urgent now to resort to a social organisation of the means of survival than the rigid linear material of tribal capitalism.

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