SUPER CITY 05/10/21

North Korea had test-fired a supersonic missile to space and back on earth five times the speed of sound for political economic reasons. In a similar stance an ex-media personnel yell from the top of his voice down to democratic organisation bold and loud for everyone to hear. Imagine the decibels piercing the peoples' ears!

In nature a disruptive interference can cause chaos. But if the so-called interference is expected and out of place, no one jumps in a fright. That's because the smart organisation of coronavirus is not a topdown yell, instead it's a bottom-up united operation between science, Health and the people. So, the media made celebrity is parking up the wrong tree.

Smart organisation is being aware of other's struggle and getting in touch with where the people are. It's not like throwing them out on the street to hype up economic development and leaving them in the dark.

Now, the united bottom-up process of Health and science is established on the collection of data directly and openly from the people to analyse and make health and scientific decisions. It is transparent and the people are informed all the way whether it's success or failure. The people feel encouraged or disheartened respectively by the outcome.

At the same time, the democratic process allows people's freedom to participate and make submissions and disclosed personal experience as to a shared goal. You see, no matter how proficient professionals are, the total failure or success of the operation lies on the hand of the people. That is why smart organisation are aware of where the people and work alongside them.

A topdown approach was seen and all of a sudden, the people dispersed and started to disrupt the operation. That's why it really takes a smart leader to manage a smart organisation thanks to the PM.

I have touched upon the idea of a super being in the collective of people's beliefs. All of the people's beliefs make up the super being, which means people know what's going on not only in their own personal lives but also have a fair idea of what's going on in others. So, they come together and naturally do what is right. It's difficult to have an empathetic leader among the selfish ambitious material entities.

Now if Auckland is to become a super intelligence city in the south, you know Delta variant's days of hanging around are numbered.

And that takes me to A.I. or Artificial Intelligence. A passage from a previous article follows; 'we normally use our mind to solve problems. Now smart computers are made to solve these problems and proves faster in handling complex calculations. A.I. has potential for pure aesthetic decisions in the absence of human emotions. Human may be professionally impartial, but has a tendency to wilt on prejudices, stereotypes and institutionalised behaviour.

This pandemic has introduced some of us to hands on digital reality. The next step if not already started is to learn Maths and Science along with Epidemiology. You know I have never head of such a profession until now and when I saw a female with a purple hair OMG I thought aliens!

We or some of us are already experts on smart phones, text and social media. They are all tools for fighting a good fight and rid of Delta variant. Not the usual political and discriminating posts, but to enhance skills that can be transferred to social relationships. And this is demonstrated by the organisation of environmental protest while maintaining social spacing and protection measures.

A positive approach to digital media can apply the super intelligence operation to approach such issues as FOMO and Phubbing and to address depression, harm and relationships.

In my previous article 'Remote Community', I have promoted digital devices as essential tools for survival. Your device can be an instrument of positive action in organising community networks; a symbol of beauty and success; independence and freedom. It bridges space and prevents physical contact thus prevents risk of transmission.

So being a member of a Super City of Auckland, your smart device is a symbol of intelligence. When your device vibrates or rings, it reminds you to think over dopamine rush or think over your emotions. It is a positive influence along the line of collective goals.

And this is where the ethical argument is on A.I. and social decisions. I have discarded human ability to be impartial and professional as eroded. A.I. can be an independent program based on aesthetics. That is transcendence of the material into being. The merit is based on need and equity.

So, our immigration officer has to make a decision in the height of Delta variant. People waiting for visas include an old man, a nurse and a student. Remember, the decision is not based on popular opinions, but A.I. has the intelligence to say it as it is.

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