OLD GUARDS 11/10/21

The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated has woken us to various facts such as the population getting younger and some sectors may have a greater mortality rate than others. The significant factor is the persistent social structure illustrated by inequalities of distribution.

You know no one's talking about Pakeha vaccination because there is no problem with distribution. They have probably vaccinated all their eligible population by now despite the fact they have the biggest population in Aotearoa.

Obviously, the more vaccines a sector has the less its mortality rate and effect on the population. It is an old institutionalised behaviour to look after own kind or should I say class.

I am somewhat socialised into a belief that I have to be late to a doctor's or hospital appointment because I am always the last to call when everyone else is seen. I have complained about treatments in hospitals as if it's a foreign system in own local community, but to who I'm not sure.

I am hoping that the younger generation is not too radicalised on anti-establishment sentiments that is now a major hindrance in containing the Delta variant.

I am also hopeful that those who plan developments including education are no longer guided by gatekeepers and linear ideological views of the past. Let's face it, it is their fault that access to education, wealth and resources were guarded against non-Europeans, but has made others dependent upon the system. Now it's showing on education qualifications and developments that are reliant on overseas specialists.

As a result of colonised mentality, some folks only wanted to learn general knowledge in order to get a job. Their friends have tried a few times to get into specialised areas but as always, no such luck. And a general belief developed among folks that they're only good for the manual working class. They have formed a belief in themselves they cannot do any better! Even for a few selected ones, they are taught to impose class treatments on their own kind. And a label associated with these individuals is plastic Maori and plastic Pasefika. They can't even speak their own language.

That is why we need young leaders who are less institutionalised and more opened to diversity. Since Aotearoa is a choice for residents, it just can't stay behind UK, US and Australia in all their life. Aotearoa now has a healthy Asian population among Europeans, Maori and Pasefika. And given fair and equitable access to resources and opportunities, these young people can lift not only their own cultures but of Aotearoa's status. It is Diversity!

Colonisation was an imposed handicap upon non-European students. All their enthusiasm for learning were somewhat confused by guardians of the regime, and soon students lose interests and leave education without qualification. They join the class of the manual labour force.

Now that Technology has surpassed their skills, even for the so-called gatekeepers, we find ourselves in a gap between industrial developments. And it looks like it's going to be for a while till the young generations catch up.

I have always claimed that in the absence of institutionalised behaviour and human emotions, A.I. robots could do a better job in teaching. I think we don't have a choice as qualified teachers would be hard to find, and its probably the same everywhere else. Well at least for Maths and maybe Science.

The most advanced ability of A.I. without human influence is its lack of judgement based on cultural, gender, age difference and social status. That's true of Artificial Intelligence as innocent to human's sensitive issues. Or shall we categorise A.I. to gender characters with appropriated sensitivity. I don't think we should stick with the division of labour and its traditional roles.

I think the best deliver of a topic is to be relevant to the context and not the usual association we are familiar with in the political propaganda of issues. Once an A.I. program is contaminated by this association, then we are back to institutionalised behaviour once again. In the absence of institutionalised and emotional behaviour, let's hope we can keep it pure.

A crisis like coronavirus usually draws political parties together in bipartisan approach. But on the other hand, we have had enough of personality contests and power struggles. So, while the opposition is hugging the comfort and safety of their warm seats in parliament, the PM is out on the field helping out the unvaccinated.

I am fully vaxxed and not symptomatic, but I think I'll just do a virus test not for the PM but for her effort in helping the community.

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