ETHICS II31/10/21

Scribes and Pharisees are groups who know the law not according to the Bible but according to their cultural traditions. They use their knowledge to find faults against and to prosecute Jesus. They are adversaries.

People are rejected because they are different for any number of reasons including ethnicity, gender, belief, disability or ability etc..

For a group who think highly of themselves as superior above others, they reject those who are different because they seem to pose a threat to their laws, their cultures and beliefs. Innocent folks are rejected for such reasons as not fitting in.

That means if you want to fit in, you have to change your culture, your belief and maybe your gender and in most cases your name. And that's a clear violation of human rights.

Scribes and Pharisees of our modern world are usually managers and corporate cultures of work. They try to portray a clean white image of their organisation by rejecting those who don't seem to fit in. And they do these by coercive treatments of targets such as targeted harassments and bullyism.

Victims of these human rights violations have made complaints, but that's one voice against the whole organisation. It's not always possible to mount a legal case against business corporations. And these victim folks are discriminated and deprived. The managers and their corporate cultures of work polish their white image with dirt that are wiped under the carpet.

Because of our own fears of fitting in, we avoid situations where we might be seen as helping someone on the side of the street. We become self-conscious of who and what we are or do in case we lose our association with a peer group for the sake of our own jobs, our health and welfare and the welfare of our families. For some, being part of a privileged group is the thing.

Now here we are claiming to do a good deed polishing the image white, but at the core we are depriving ourselves freedom to be as one who really is. I'm sure some people are not comfortable of the pretentious act and compliance but fear of losing his/her job and livelihood for the family and loved ones, they are trapped.

So when you are not free, do you begin to develop illness and complaints of some things that affect your behaviour is most probably an outward manifestation of an internal cause. And if this stretch is not dealt with, it would eventually break.

If and when you manage to break out of traditional, cultural and religious expectations, can you breathe the fresh air and feel the lightness of freedom from the burden of compliance?

I think we have learned enough of Liberal material freedom to know that we were never free under compliance of social, traditional or corporal and religious expectations. We were not free when trapped in expectations.

Liberal material freedom is all about feeling good especially when satisfying an ambitious desire. True freedom is elevation of oneself from restrictions and compliance of the material.

You knew that discrimination against another person on the basis of ethnicity, gender or belief was not right but you didn't want to risk your position and job by standing up for those people. Now that you are free to do something about it, do you also feel better about yourself by doing so?

The former liberal material freedom is a personal satisfaction that only your own wish is achieved. The latter freedom is a value in your relation with others in your community. Your conscious awareness has elevated you from the wishes or binds of the material to the values you share with others of your community irrespective of who they are, their ethnicity, beliefs or gender.

In the former material freedom, when you see the image in the mirror, you know it is polished with dirt. It associates with doubt and guilt that portrays the image as dark. In the latter elevated freedom, having liberated from the dark, the image in the mirror looks lighter and more beautiful.

The liberal material freedom is perceived through a sense perception that is enhanced to focus on material satisfaction of the senses. The perception of shared values is perceived through a mental perception.

The sense perception is filtered and processed in the mind by pure principles of love, compassion, caring etc.. The mental process analyses and programmes the principle for an objective outcome in practice. And that is the function of A.I..

That is not to say when you look in the mirror, you see a super A.I. image. No, but while we continue to neglect the function of our mind to maintain our wellbeing, why not let some other entity help out. After all, programs are now entering our minds and analysing our thoughts integrated with virtual and augmented reality.

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