Restrictions from indulging in a KFC family pack or busking in the company of acquaintances, freedom is finally on sight. But freedom from or for what is a subtle propaganda to undermine protective measures against Delta variant.

Some prominent personnel and media entities have shown themselves up by consistent complaints against protective tools even before they are put in place. They even mount complaints against science and experts, it had fuelled the fire of misinformation for antivax right wing propaganda.

They also undermined your sense of safety as if you have nothing to fear from a harmless Delta variant that has killed about 5 million humans in the world. That's about the population of Aotearoa and should freedom reign, are we sighting a decent Wipeout!

Some people in UK facing a stark reality of Delta variant are calling for a return to lockdowns as the death toll rises. In July on its freedom-day, UK's death toll was 128706. Now in October it's 139146. That's 10440 deaths in three to four months.

You know, people risk their lives for so-called freedom and when they become casualties, its everyone else's fault. Then they break all the rules in trying to see off their loved one, yet they let freedom reigned to their death.

That's the psyche of our modern world. Delta variant has become the weapon for personal and political opportunities.

And this is the dark side of the modern that is inherent of liberal freedom. The freedom of the individual to do his/her own thing and at everyone else's expense. It is controlled chaos aimed to confuse and overwhelm your reasonable senses.

That is a golden opportunity for us positive, qualitative social beings. Let me say this, all Maori and Pasefika are social beings. The condition provided by coronavirus offer us golden opportunities to polish our feelings and senses and update our holistic being. It's like upgrading our computer by downloading new software.

The control chaos of confusion that's enticing us to fall is aimed at our senses. This is not limited to material desires of the body such as food, drugs, sex and fashion, but also to provocation, bully and harassment. The feeling of being left out and shy of being poor are all temptations to test your life skills.

The one and only rule is to think. When you see a red light, you naturally think stop or get runover. When you see amber, stop safely. And green is an assessment of the situation whether it's safe or not. You are exercising your mind and logical choices for your safety.

The controllers provide the risky environment and you the thinker navigate your way out of it. This is what we are good at, playing a game. The ultimate winning prize is saving your life and maybe the lives of your loved ones.

The game controllers cannot touch you or directly make you do anything. You are in total control of your action and in mind with emotional experience helps you along the way.

Next time Darwin (game controller) tries to manipulate the environment, give him the one finger salute! The game is survival of the fittest and the only weapon or tool you have is your mind. They think they know you because of sensual perception that you have fallen into by sense deception, but they have not yet seen what you can do with your mind.

A win would not only save us from this dark world of the zombies, but would also elevate our status in the future world. The sweet success of victory is the fact that we don't have to use any hypersonic weapons, or pollute the environment defeating the enemy. We are civilised human beings, heads and shoulders above the rest.

We have very little time to know you mind. I saw this somewhere I think it was at Victoria University; 'know yourself, know your mind'. Descartes said; 'I think therefore I exist'. Yeah man, I'm good!

That means, the future expects to treat human beings with respects because we have raised the standards. You see, they (Darwin et al) kept on abusing us because we believed after colonisation that we cannot think and deserved to be bullied and abused.

In the future, they are not going to replace the underclass, because they don't need a non-thinking base. But in a landscape of diverse communities, it is likely that each community has a ground up base connected to others.

And since individuals and their liberal freedoms are somewhat isolated outside society, their pollute material capitalist system is not designed for a clean and green future. So out with the old rusty bucket and in with the new. Good luck in the game and see you when you come out!

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