It was during the early 80s that I had a taste of social life, liberated from the binds of family and culture. I learned to become an individual, make own decisions and cope with the consequences. But the Pacific 'ism' of family and cultural expectations are never really severed from one's bind.

It becomes the hub of expectations and opportunities; some are known for what they can contribute, others are for what opportunities they can benefit from. You can continue to help out where you can, but the bind remains a strong fibre of ties, you are never really free. Well, some are stronger than others, the weak ones tend to depend upon. That's what families are for.

Freedom is never really like liberal materialism where the individual is free to do as he/she wishes. Freedom is like growing up to be a true Pacific; one who has remembered the olden ways and teachings of the church. Freedom is like doing what is right and be responsible as a citizen.

That in the modern is curious among the young, who seems to have no awareness of the Pacific ism. The truth is, they have it and everyone knows that except themselves. The rhythm and style of character in what they say and do is a tell-tale of Pacific ism.

Some of the characters are very shy and quiet in the classroom, but are like tigers on the rugby field. And that's where one can learn the true expressions of feelings and senses in coordinated communication. Playing a game is a medium for holistic learning. And it's there where you begin to see freedom flying to the corner.

The qualities and responsibility of Pacific ism is now embodied in a dynamic physique, and developments progressing to the future.

This is it. The Pacific ism has the genetic material for cultural and religious DNA. But the material is threatened to contamination by exposure to sedative substances and addictive behaviour. It's a fork on the road now, either the narrow way of the Pacific ism, or the wider way of liberal material freedom. I know the Pacific pathway is established by greats in their side steps and belief, the liberal material craves for a fix.

I can't remember the day but it was in Athletic Park, Newtown Wellington; All Blacks vs Springboks. It was packed and I couldn't see the field because people were standing up. But I heard everything in the loudspeaker. The Blacks were 5 yards from the Bok's try-line as the ball reached Iceman. The commentator yelled, everyone jumped up in a roar the whole wooden stand was shaking and I thought, Black Magic!

There is something connecting the individual to his/her community. It was the spirit of Black Magic that united individuals in solidarity, a nation hood. But the magic in connection is a feeling of belonging and responsibility that somehow reminds the individual he/she is a responsible citizen.

This period is marked by peaceful organisation when the economy is fairly equal in distribution that folks aren't struggling so much, they become creative in making ends meet. But now under pressure of coronavirus Pandemic, Climate Change and individualism of liberal ideologies, the wider road of materialism is packed in droves.

Black Magic, solidarity and nationhood, the community needs its spirit on the narrow path against the liberal freedom material at the wider road.

There are too many liberal individuals in fragmentation of the community. There were also many individuals in the 80s, but they had that extra ism of connectedness. So the trouble is, when liberal freedom is a political ideology without a social purpose or principle other than the individual's desire that consequences start to mount up.

The social consequences of the modern liberal material economy have resulted with homelessness and increase in mental illness. This had forced the homeless and patients to find refuge in motels and in the city. And that has attracted antisocial behaviour and crime in the business area, it is considered a distraction to customers.

Don't you think economic development has completed a full cycle now coming back to how it created homelessness and mental illness? Those social consequences of a liberal market are now costing the economy by care of patients and housing the homeless. And under the condition of the coronavirus Pandemic and Climate Change, it takes an extra ordinary government to manage the social crises.

At the same time, the people are craving for a magic to connect with in solidarity and be responsible. And for as long as sports and academia struggle under a liberal flag of individualism, they don't seem to have the interests to bind.

The symbol or embodiment of our modern Black Magic has already made connections and I think it's time to formalise its social organisation.

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