For some reasons, we associate UFO with advance technology and wisdom. While there is that opinion of being able to read minds, I think Aliens might be able to communicate in such extra sensory ways, the individual alien knows exactly what he/she is doing in coordinated relations with others. It's like our consciousness of knowing what's the right thing to do.

Now humans have what they would use such as technology and knowledge to gain the upper hand therefore control. The individual who has power has control. The mass would have direct transmission from base command to follow orders.

That is why I place advanced knowledge and technology with the individual's ability not to follow orders, but to naturally know what to do.

So, the advanced sensory tool is not an implant computer chip receiving remote signals, or subconscious psycho code triggers waking the individual to perform a subversive task. No, the individual is neither controlled by a computer chip nor by a psycho x operation. He/she is simply conscious of the right thing to do.

The old associates with conformity and programmes whether technological or psycho; the new is simply freedom to do. And advance is not so much of fire power and psychological force, but freedom and objective.

With this advanced form of thinking, we'd like to think that Aliens provide a conscious realisation of a peaceful association with reality. That's clean energy, diverse existence among differences and national /international resolutions no longer requiring a demonstration of power and their advanced weapons.

These individuals and powerful decisions always disadvantage the innocents like sanctions, or tariff charges and carbon foot print.

However, popular stories we hear about Aliens associate with advanced weapons. In fact, their technology is said to have massively improved weapons that far into the future, no one alive wishes to own it. I mean, the weapons they have created are too powerful to be sustained by earth.

Meantime, if humans are not smouldered by Climate Change pollution, they are blown or poisoned by advanced weapons. There is also the chance of walking over the cliff with eyes wide open.

I mean if you have one of those advanced weapons for protection, it probably has enough power to blow the whole neighbourhood into nonexistence.

Then why would Aliens have to wait a million or so years to save earth, when humans are just about to fall off the cliff is unusual.

It sounds to me that a rich manipulator of mass consciousness is all powerful. It's a manmade god, now taking over human. You know the sensory method is conveyed by media devices and appliances. The propaganda is proliferated in colours, sounds, light and movements etc.. You are basically owned by your consciousness.

There is that unquestionable old belief that leadership rests with the individual. And it is the individual's ultimate goal to strive for and achieve leadership. We know from history that when the individual exercises his/her leadership power it results with the most atrocities to humanity. We can think back in history and even in post-modern, the innocents always bear the consequences of individual power and their dictate.

This style of macho powerful dictate also attracts the fanaticised or shall we say the radicalised follower. And this operation is well documented by recent events of lockdowns and vaccinations. The psycho operation is offset by social and mainstream media, they have managed to brainwash vulnerable and innocent individuals that it's his/her freedom and right to die by deciding not to be vaccinated.

Who could be the modern gods controlling mass consciousness are none other than your rich, corporate business people! They value their goods and properties much more than the life of the ordinary consumer and worker. They involve with misinformation or disinformation to control your mind and activate that surreal media information.

That style of macho and power seem to associate with economic developments. But if you didn't know, the previous government's economic development is still endured by the poor in terms of housing and the cost of living, The media spins the rest with financial and supply demands drivel.

The truth is, there is a consumer boom naturally linked to pandemics. Why do they need to fill up stocks everyday for? Go figure!

Don't you feel piss off with yourself knowing that everything you do is manipulated by someone else, that you are owned and have no such thing as freedom or right to do as you wish? The so-called freedom and right not to be vaccinated is a delusion.

If you haven't noticed, there are only few leaders who truly respect your freedom and democratic right as citizens. The rests are all macho and power manipulators owning and controlling you not only as commodities but also as foot soldiers of their empire.

The old way of leadership is following orders from the most powerful and the least has no choice but to tow the line. The new and advance way of leadership is multilateralism, everyone is doing his/her bit contributed to the whole.

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