ETHICS III02/10/21

So why the obsession about freedom one might ask is simply because freedom is the basis of moral and ethical decisions. We need to be impartial and free from binds and bonds to detach ourselves from attachments that influence our decisions.

Ethical decisions about patient's lives are usually made by professionals such as doctors. But these people have advanced knowledge of medical conditions relating to survival chance of patients. To me, they are making a professional decision more than an ethical one.

A doctor weighs up all the possibilities and may decide either in favour or against the patient based on his/her professional finding. A person who knows nothing about medical complications may opt to save the patient's life based on dignity of being human.

I think professional decisions take into account economic costs involved and that has much influence on so-called ethical decisions. It is determined by economic influence. And the decision is very much in favour of the patient who can afford the treatment against the poor patient.

Now supposing the patient who can afford the treatment is a drug dealer in your neighbourhood? How about the guy who was shot by the police because he was restraining his wife from physical contact with the children? It turned out that she was carrying a contagious disease.

The professional decisions of the doctors and the police are not moral or ethical decisions but are decisions made in line of their duties. Nonetheless, professional decisions must have some merit of clarity to justify its execution.

So what are the merits behind decisions in hiring and firing, integrity of healthcare and decisions made in court? In their respective order, Maori and Pasefika are usually the last to hire and first to fire. Maori and Pasefika are overrepresented in healthcare and hospitals just as much as in prison population.

It is difficult to analyse any ethical or professional decisions when their outcomes reflect institutionalised racism and economic influence.

It's shock horror to know that some people who are victims of certain crimes are in responsible positions to deal with those crimes! Its not really professional or ethical but more like payback under the professional banner of NZ Justice system.

It is crucial for Diversity to succeed by exercising ethical decisions in the organisation of society. Normally, major political decisions are sold to allies. These decisions are presented in unilateral and bilateral packages that only one nation makes the rule and allied nations follow order, or two nations agree to a deal and all other nations miss out. So political decisions usually exclude others.

Internal political decisions are usually targeted to benefit allied constituencies whether it's the private sector or public sector. It is when these political decisions are qualified by ethical standards that everyone irrespective of alliance, ethnicity or standing is included. And that is where Diversity is recognised in the political decisions of a nation.

It is a proactive start to address inequality and equity showing wider margins in healthcare and prison population. As I was saying that it's probably impossible for someone to consider others outside his/her own group that conflict of interests is generally accepted as more of a convenience than an immortal sin.

However, this has potentials to break the seasons of booms and busts in one term. The current cycle of booms and busts since the monetary economy occurs at the same time in two places. The economy booms for the business private sector, and at the same time it's a bust for workers among consumers. It has separated society in a wide gap between the rich and poor, which is true of accumulation of wealth at the one end and at the same time accumulation of Poverty at the other.

Ethical decisions result with the inclusion of everyone in participation of supply and demand that the boom bust seasons are corrected and natural developments coherent to diverse organisation.

With ethical and professional decisions, the nation can only achieve stability in the organisation of the economy and society.

In the modern, society is having difficulties in a topdown approach. In fact, the top down is not much different from unilateral and bilateral agreements where others are excluded from participation. They don't feel part of developments so they become redundant.

The passion of life is expressed in feelings and emotions of pain and pleasures of life. But this subjective material is elevated to transform a purpose quantified into being. And nature is ever more beautiful than before.


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