Stupidity may come to a point of realisation and one decides for the better change his/her action. It is understandable that what we normally claim to be stupid is ignorance. And not knowing information does not make anyone stupid. After all, one cannot remember what he/she didn't know.

However, a political motivated antivaxxer has no limits. Fully obsessed with right wing nationalist ideologies and religious fundamentalism associated with the few rich, death is not a deterrent. And it makes no difference if innocent lives of the vulnerable elderly and young infants are at risk.

In that sense, stupidity may have its limits, but antivaxxers have none.

As it was, Nature is that living objective of something pure which seeks the light and always striving to live. Its innocent to evil contemplation of the dark, but by succeeding in positive growth, it attracts itself an enemy of the dark force. Envy attempts to overwhelm the light.

We have learned from the previous article that all these are shaded from our political perspectives and beliefs. We have surpassed reason to dip over subjective influence of the dark.

Dogma is a strong imposition of an idea as if it was true. So when you have dogmatic ideology and dogmatic belief forced upon democratic organisation in the face of facts, here we have a dogmatic dark force. It's a thought of an overwhelming force of terror.

So here, a dogmatic dark force sets out to subtly destroy the beauty of Nature, but for what is nothing other than simply the character of the dark force.

The Covid-19 virus is real and 253,625,314 people worldwide have infected is a fact. Over 5,109,645 have died and counting. It is also a fact that most of those perished were not vaccinated. It clearly implies that antivaccination promotes death.

Now the political and religious antivaxxed dogma has become a dark force in our midst. They are targeting Nature, the force that innocently seeks the light and will to live; the government, MOH and essential workers for promoting vaccination and saving lives.

The dark force is not only targeting individuals personally, but also through demonisation by sabotage of symbols and presentations. From what I can remember, this was an act of terror claimed by other countries.

And this dark force is somewhat glorified by the media in promoting propaganda of its activities throughout the country. The media followed and publicised the dark force activities as if they too are overwhelmed and fanaticised by it.

It has now renewed and engraved polished images of right wing nationalists among religious fundies a dogmatic dark force in the psyche.

It's rationally incomprehensible to think that these individuals represent the opposition to the government. What kind of systemic rule do they intend to impose upon society other than the rich to live longer and the ordinary is encouraged to die!

The most common trait of its character is envy. If anyone is doing good and succeeding in making a difference for the better, watch out for the dark force. It would ruin everything you worked for, it would harass, bully, threaten and given a chance, it would eventually kill you. Death is not a deterrent as there is no end to what it can do.

Knowing the nature of the dark force, it's a shade upon the objective of light. Like a virus, it has manifested envy upon innocent beauty of nature. It has deprived nature of nutrients and proteins for growth and prone to die.

On a bigger scale, Climate Change is Nature's movement to preserve itself for the health and welfare of human among creatures. But notice the dark force was always there right from day one.

There have always been debates and agreements, but have also been disagreements and unkept agreements. Climate change talk is notorious of such gatherings. It's a proliferation attempt to silence Nature. Basically, organised chaos that everyone is all excited about nothing.

Meantime, air pollution continues to mount death statistics on cancer and respiratory disease; depletion of material resources, species extinction, climate change refugees including struggles for resources; by failure to meet an agreement is a plan outcome typical of the dark force!

Now, the antivaxxed stand is very much related to the Climate Change organised chaos. It promotes the culture of death.

There is no doubt now that capitalism end is near but it may be the end of human civilisation too. Well, capitalism may not directly poison humanity. But the dark force behind it has never willingly accept its failure.

Then again, how can one remembered anything he/she didn't know, it has no end.

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