How can anyone bring good news of joy to right wing nationalists and religious fundamentalist antivaxxers, when not even the vulnerable children are spared from fertile conditions for Delta to strike; it has nullified any valuable meaning for Christmas.

This comes to light when some religious leaders led followers to promote antivaxx while others sitting on the side. So, the influencing choice for the vulnerable depends on the individual. And that's trusting he/she has a clear conscience of what must be the right thing to do. Unfortunately, political and selfish ambitions are power play in populous choices.

It's a righteous claim that the right to life is natural and precedes any such subjective so-called right not to be vaccinated. How then can you deliver a Christmas message to those who are led by selfish ambitious desires?

I have come to understand that an image, a symbol or object represents itself. It is nothing more than a superficial abstract that is captured in the light of colours and shapes and maybe we associate it with some attachments of emotions. Now the feeling association is the observer's attachment, the image remains free in itself.

We would never know whether the image, the symbol or object has feelings associated with its physical and visible presentation. But we are now imparted with the task of making meanings of abstract images for those who are not informed. Only that we are associating the image with our own attachments.

Someone who holds a banner marching up and down the street claiming he/she has a right not to be vaccinated. He/she wants the world to know his/her right and freedom not to be vaccinated.

Well, we know that the vaccine is a proven method for saving life from Delta variant of covid-19. The right and freedom not to be vaccinated therefore promotes death. And thus, the antivaxxer is broadcasting a death message.

Nothing is sacred anymore as the thrill seeker must satisfy the depth of heightened desire. The political entity and the religious fundie have transformed a phenomenon of the dark. An followers seek the blood of innocent victims among the uninformed and the vulnerable.

In our modern dark world, nothing is beautiful anymore. The new norm has to satisfy dark desires and what is dark is glorified.

You see, those trafficker gangsters knew the danger of crossing the channel but making money is more important than life. Making money or sustaining a lifestyle in the most subversive way is the dark thing.

It seems entities survive to fulfil their desires and blame the authority for interfering with their freedom.

The government and health authority among science are trying their best to save lives in the face of antivaxxers among oppositions and fundies. And worshippers praise glory of antivaxxers while condemning those trying to save lives.

There is no doubt that during this Christmas, the inflicted are contemplating ways to achieve the most ambitious desire whether it's crime or even taking a life.

The opposition among right wing nationalists and fundies have shown us that macho logic of force only perpetuate and proliferate more dark forces. Show who's boss and gangsters are only glad to oblige.

If we dig down to connect the pieces that we might discover the meaning behind the image that's no longer just and innocent abstract, rather it's a serious undertaking. And can we trust the individual to make informed decisions about the health and welfare of the vulnerable, perhaps not.

A little while ago, a right to die was never heard of. Today, it's commonly shared among individuals with advanced medical conditions. Now, people are marching up and down the street claiming the right to die.

To mark the Christmas occasion is a celebration of joy. The act of love transcended a humble birth to the spirit of Christmas. To perceive politics and troubles of the world through the spirit of Christmas is not with the observed object and abstract. It is with us the observer.

How can you shine a light into the dark world of death is an act of love transcended into being.

We know that the so-called right or freedom not to be vaccinated apart from medical exceptions is delusional and subjective. The opinion remains an opinion that cannot be validated into being. And the entity remains a subjective aspect in the dark realm.

The only legal justification for assisted dying is advanced illness or medical condition. The abstract entity hovers upon the boundary of the dark. And what does that do to the vulnerable and uninformed!

The spirit digs deeper beyond the colours and shapes of the abstract to realise a common principle of connectedness. The layers that transcend the subjective material entity into and objective of a collective being.

The vulnerable children may associate colours and shapes with joy and happiness. And since there is no preconceived aspect of the dark in the perspective, there is a good chance of aesthetic beauty on Christmas.

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