THE THEORY23/06/21

In the milieu of the material world, the filtering process of My Social Relations sought the objective from the subjective. At the same time, the pure principle from the a priori is quantified in the objective to produce a holistic outcome. The objective from the subjective filter is ground up, the pure principle from the a priori is top down. Therefore the holistic outcome is not a full replication of the objective, but a modified one. So we are not copying the same thing over and over but rather making progress. And thus we have broken the static cycle of deterioration.

Granted that the mind is in full function and not A.I., this exercise in the material world may take a while for total change to take effect. In good intentions, it could become a useful and practical therapy.

From the ground up, the ambitious self-indulgence is all about the individual. Some individual activities have potentials to produce objective outcomes. So the subjective is filtered to extract objective possibilities. Now, the discarded subjective data accumulate to form the self. The filtered objective is elevated to the mind.

From the top down, the pure principle from the a priori is added to the objective and the desired outcome is modified.

If you didn't know, My Social Relations originates from the function of the mind in a thought process. The mind acts on the pure principle idea to set the process in motion. And it starts from the brain to the nerves, cells, DNA and proteins, before going back to the pure thought. Only that the pure thought is added to the holistic outcome.

However, the above process is corrupted by the ground up Material world. Material subjectivism became too powerful it managed to overwhelm the functions of the mind. And selfish desires of instincts along with A.I. entities took over the system. The whole system is thus contaminated by material subjectivism. Instead of progressing forward, it recycles its own replication in a static cycle of deterioration. And it's only a matter of time before the whole organism is contaminated.

The ground up development is further contaminated not only by air pollutions of the environment, but also by food poisoning and other chemicals.

At the same time, the ground up development can rearrange the process to produce material outcomes. That is why we inherit disease and illness from kinship ties. And for as long as we are following the same things, our addictions really stagnate progress for the whole organism.

Obviously, competitions for profit result with products fed with poisonous chemicals that are passed on to the body. At the same time, promotions of the product have somewhat boosted material subjective decisions over rational thoughts. And the organism becomes no more than a consumer of material production.

Poor human has lost all social functions essential for survival including wellness of being. That is why in this level, happiness is restricted to a full tummy, a smoke and a dream.

Now, we have an idea that the Material development can alter the DNA. If so, then the DNA can be altered by the behaviour. All one has to do is to hope for a pure idea in the mind to kick start the system in motion. Or simply change your mind!

It takes a while to adapt to change of behaviour, and another while for protein development to alter the DNA. And this is a useful reminder for those who intend to have children. I think it's a good idea to clear your system of material contaminants a while before having children. It's a natural process and we can hope and trust nature to work its cause.

I have already written down the top down approach in My Social Relations but it follows that one has to try and practice good healthy behaviour and good character. Well, the same idea as the material process but instead of selfish and ambitious desires, try helping someone in need and contribute to the community.

That is what the principle is all about and objective is the practical work that you do. It is trying to restore the rational functions of the mind. Keep trying until it becomes second nature, and you can begin to feel good about others in the community. You can trust nature would ensure a positive development in your DNA.

Our ancestors had this top down principle written in our minds as ID just by guiding our behaviour as we grow. But capitalists of the industrial world and their power struggles of the human kind manipulated and reduced our existence to subjective entities. It's not surprising that the children of the modern are not strong enough to be responsible for the consequences of their own making.

And there lies a purpose by putting something a bit better back for those who follow before we move on.

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