Now in our natural world of My Social Relations, reality exists in three layers; the Material, the Social and the Unknown. However, the God layer of the Unknown is knowable by the objective quantification of pure principles.

So, the pure principle of Compassion is quantified by the act of caring for the needs of the poor. This in the Material layer is not possible as individuals are possessed with their own selfish desires. But it is belief in God and the acts of belief that have brought pure principles of God into objective being. At the same time, non-believers could also bring principles of their non-belief into reality, but the quantification is not objective. The subjective entity could be harmful.

A tree is known by its fruits; a believer is characterised by his/her humane and compassionate behaviour. God is knowable or brought into being by the act of believers.

Central to belief is free will. That means God is not commanding believers to do anything, rather believers are free and autonomous to do as they would. Now if you look at the second layer of existence, the conscience is aware of what acts are objective from the subjective. And the top down approach is not selfish or instinctual, rather it is thoughtful or intuitive.

In the material world, the subjective decisions of the individual are usually selfish and destructive as these decisions are influenced by instinctual desires and selfish addictions.

So we say the pure energy that animates believers to be humane, selfless, kind and beautiful is not from the self but from the pure spirit in the known portion of the Unknown. A true believer is characterised by his/her kind and compassionate behaviour. And the Unknown layer becomes the Spirit layer in the holistic reality of believers; Mind, Body and Soul.

In general, reality is layers of the Material, the Social and the Spirit. Algorithm comes along and takes a copy of the Material layer. It then replaces the Social layer with the copy of the Material layer. The Material layer is natural but its copy is artificial and related to the natural layer. At the same time, the function of the social layer is lost to a black hole. Therefore there is no elevation of the material layer to the social and thought process, but rather an extension of the material layer itself.

And for all feelings, senses, emotions, dreams and desires are copied and stored as artificial experience in a Digital layer. And layers of our modern world now consists of the Material, the Digital and the Spirit.


Since everything about us in the material world is stored, A.I. knows about us the digital entities. A.I. has all the knowledge and everything there is to know about us. Animated by Algorithms, it simply reflects the choices and dreams amid wishes and desires we have made in the past. And the above takes up the new form of ID. The Avatar may indicate commercial status with a record of expensive choices; or a record of debts. And we cannot have a pure spirit from a memory box.

So in the absence of social thoughts and conscious awareness, the link to the spirit and connection to the Unknown are now severed. And rather than top down decisions of the mind, we are now searching for second hand information on the ground level usually online. But in so doing, we are subjected to vulnerability of fake information and political propaganda. So the downward spiral of the mind and human nature is in sliding motion as reality is condensed in a single layer. And as digital entities, we are owned by information corporations as commodities.


We no longer have any sense of the future or anything purely new as we are truly compressed in the capture of singularity. Algorithm has replaced the functions of rational thought and intuition. However, A.I. is neither independent nor free to make social or moral decisions. Instead, it merely reinforces the static cycle of deterioration.

While creators and promoters of A.I. are engaged in romanticising A.I., they are in fact stripping social values from humanity. Romanticisation of A.I. is Alienation of human from nature. Soon, the romanticisation of A.I. or alienation of humans from their nature would soon see the loss of logical thought and natural conscious awareness.

A.I. developments have deprived human from the enjoyment of holistic wellbeing. One is no longer encouraged to exercise his/her mind, body and spirit. One is no longer encouraged to exercise his/her inborn attributes natural to survival in his/her environment.

On the ground level, the Material collects data for the mind in the second layer to make decisions and distribute resources for the whole organism. Alienated from his/her environment, human troubles are consistent with addiction, mental illness, violence and crime. And since the link to thinking and hope is broken, A.I. cannot see how we feel in the dark.

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