According to WHO, early reports of the Delta variant are from India. It is more dominant and proven to be most infectious than the Alpha variant. Since then, many reports on the Internet from different sources share different findings. And amid political propaganda are misinformation, fake news and anti-vax.

There has been unproven claims that the Delta variant is more deadly, but I think it depends on managements and available resources.

Some claims of covid-19 deaths are unrelated; other reports claim unrelated deaths are covid-19's for a number of reasons. Some claims that fully vaccinated individuals have been re-infected and some vaccines are more effective than others.

There is no one standard system, each country controls how they think it's best for their own people although some authorities have different opinions from their governments. While it's more likely for right wing governments to open for business than left wing ones, the difference is in the count of infections and deaths.

So it may well be true that virus management including vaccinations varied in different locations, environments, population and economic standings. The latter proves to be true that advanced nations are better equipped to deal with the pandemic although not always successfully than some not so rich ones.

In the natural cause of events in our neck of the woods, farmers supply super markets and restaurants for their income. Under covid-19 outbreaks, lockdowns result with market closures; customers not eating out and workers become unemployed.

In response, the government gave support for the unemployed and low income families as well as handouts for struggling businesses and farmers. It is an economic stimulant to keep it turning during the pandemic.

However, farmers have seen low income families and the unemployed as undeserving of support. They imply the government support for the poor is promoting a communist policy.

Now, some political parties from the right wing of the political spectrum took advantage of farmers' argument that some groups of the poor sector should not be funded for their social needs.

Note that the reason why farmers were able to sell their product to the market and restaurants is because consumers were working and eating out. If the government only supported farmers and businesses, it would have become a double loss because unemployed workers do not have any money to spend and generate the economy. It's a dead end argument, a red herring,

While some political parties involve with polarisation of corvid-19, the government is effectively managing the whole of society, both business and consumers alike.

Most right wing governments around the world have taken the farmers' argument that markets should be opened for business and workers among the unemployed should be out there working. But scientists oppose; "The UK government's plan to scrap day-to-day pandemic restrictions, in England next (this) week is reckless and has no basis in science, international experts have warned, with one arguing it amounts to premeditated murder" scientists report .

We in New Zealand cannot take success of management for granted when exposed to nearby neighbours of Australia; Fiji; Indonesia; Thailand; including visitors from India and England. US doctors have also warned of rising infections. It only takes a breath to catch the virus and we are in for a second or third wave.

In here we have a business argument driven by farmers; political polarisation by right wing ideologies; economic management by the government and public opinions. We know statistics would represent populous opinions targeted by the popular media so I would rule that out. Instead, I would consider the collective's standpoint as rational and favours life over the material.

It is currently working; the economy is ticking and businesses among workers are working to sustain maintenance.

Right now in regions where the pandemic's death toll is high, low income families among the unemployed are showing their frustrations of economic management by unrest and rising to overthrow their leaders. But others claimed the oppositions have used covid-19 as a weapon in trying to unseat the ruling regimes.

The difference between those regions and New Zealand is because our economy is ticking on moderately, but also the population is more considerate of the pandemic. Rightfully, it is not anyone's fault that we are subjected contagious conditions, so blaming others is a sign of fear and panic.

And that is the stage we would want to avoid. Populous politicians have ridden fear into riots and unrest at substantial costs to business and innocent lives. We have enough volatile situations in Climate Change and covid-19 to worry about conflicts and unrests. And besides, New Zealand is proven to be peaceful and civilised, any family would wish to live.

And that should prove how dynamic a leader is in vision and practice to navigate our country through trajectories of stormy weather.

At this point, we don't know what will happen as to covid-19 pandemic. The only infections we are receiving are from those people visiting the country. Either covid-19 is extinct or we have to live with it. That makes vaccination a crucial factor in survival. We may also see changes in work habit, travel and herding.

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