The sensationalisation of adversarial news has covered headlines of media propaganda with anti-government sentiments. The alt-right movement enjoys the privileged position to inflame its usual monotonous anti. And the repetitious practice has drawn the outline of a face with such images of chauvinism and bullyism.

Such characteristics transmute the image an entity. And every time you see this image, you are looking at not the person, but something else.

That's probably unintentional but for political and ideological reasons, a symbol of negativity or bullyism is portrayed in the public eye. And whether that's politically deliberate, the intention inspires arrogance as the media device becomes a political tool for separatism.

So we are bombarded with this manifestation as a ploy attempting to convince and change our mind. But the method deals a heavy hand and somewhat forceful. You the publican is forced to make a decision.

It's nothing short of extortion in our social organisation of many cultures in diversity. This interconnectedness is in the blood and a decision places you in a dilemma. It's between you, your loved ones and nationalistic ideology.

This is self-evident in personal stories of immigrants. They seek a better place for their loved ones. Because of love, they endure menial tasks and low pay requiring human sacrifice. But perhaps the most challenging of struggles is subjected to discrimination and ridicule based on race difference. And for some have lost their lives just because they are different.

Except for the colonists who came to capture us, confiscate land and resources in the expansion of Capitalism; we are all immigrants. And we migrate for the sake of survival. Though we travel great distance for a chance of a better life, we take with us the memories of our loved ones.

In the modern, our differences are magnified in the context of a nation. And a different national ideology is a threat to survival. So xenophobia and protectionism erect barriers around ourselves to keep the enemy away. That not only explains foreign policies and trade relations, but also trade wars and anti-economic struggles.

Opposing nations are characterised by their ideological and economic system; the West led by USA is Capitalism; China, North Korea and may be Russia are labelled as Communism. For Capitalism, the privileged enjoys the benefits of a ruling class in its hierarchy; for Communism, the people organise their daily lives around the symbol of a figure head.

I have claimed that the two systems are placed in a time continuum. The systems themselves may not progress to clash with the other, but the mind and social evolution of people do. You probably cannot kill an idea, but you can kill a people. This is marked in the timeline of human history.

Rather than for economic systems advancing towards a clash, it is possible to stop the people from progress to advancement. It explains why some of us human are static in a cycle of deterioration to preserve and maintain the structure upholding privileged positions of the ruling class.

However, before drastic, atrocious and extreme measures take place, people show off their ideological wares in provocations and warlike games. In our modern age of technological capabilities, social media, fake news, misrepresentations, cyber-attacks and black or psycho ops are designed to maintain tensions and segregation. Technological capabilities could easily destroy the world in the click of a button, as if Climate Change and Covid-19 aren't imminent threats.

Did you know that the people who created anti-viruses and anti-malwares are experts in the creation of viruses including ransomware to test their creations? Well, some of those experts may be involved in black ops and the spin is part of fake news of capitalism relations. That's either to create fear, or a demand for antivirus software, or to justify attack and blame. And that doesn't make much difference between Democrats and Republicans of USA.

However, considering our inter-diversity organisation, some folks are caught between kinship and ideology. If we zero in the nation and to the migrant person, he or she is torn between loved ones and nationalistic ideological struggles. The dilemma represents the struggle between the heart and ideology. The heart in the centre left and ideology all in the head.

It's probably difficult to communicate with an entity living in the head, compared to someone in the heart. Our rational position therefore is somewhere in between.

And that means, if I was selecting a workforce, I would not select brainy people with no feelings for humans. We have too many of them, they are probably involved with developing a mechanism to destroy us humans. In the same way, people living in their hearts may probably make easy targets of fake news, scams and social media.

And that is why holistic being makes the target of envy and jealousy. It's probably why anyone let alone an entity would become a target of anti-sentiment. Human has to come out of his/her possessed mind to think and feel about others. How does it feel to experience pain of discrimination because of your race, gender or belief takes a human heart to understand.

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