THE DEMON 19/07/21

Demon is defined by Internet sources as a supernatural entity, possessing a person with tormenting passion, addictive passion. Demon comes under the 3rd Level; the Unknown, but someone had made an interesting observation in here.

It follows from transmutation of the image to entity; the entity took over the human form in the fulfilment of the addict's material desire. The addict is so possessed with the image of his/her desire, his/her perception of the image deceives and corrupts his/her mind to think that the perception is the real image.

Let's say Abatu represents a source of envy and jealousy to the addict. As soon as the addict sees Abatu, the addict perceives the image of envy and jealousy. And the addict changes his/her behaviour towards Abatu. Such behaviour is characterised by bullying, ridicule, mockery, condescension, troll, threatening and so on.

According to this observation, the addict is possessed by a demon, characterised by such behaviour as bullying etc.. At what stage during transmutation does the demon enter the equation?

I have deliberately applied the term Transmutation to define the process of rearranging the elements of the image to form the character of the entity, a fact. The original and natural image of Abatu is misrepresented to portray the entity in the perception, characterised by demonic traits of bullying etc..

If there is a demonic element in our gene, Colonisation is the demon. And the demon is not external but subtly inherited through socialisation of colonisation and struggles of capitalism. Imagine a frightened person seeing an evil image of terror and perceive it as alive and real! This justifies regulation of so-called freedom of expression including images, sounds and videos.

Contrast to Transmutation, Transformation is applied as is, that the whole change in structure and character results with an improvement.

So, we say such derogative terms when we are usually insecure, vulnerable and may be threatened. It may suggest that we are not strong enough to cope with the pressure. We may have come to the end of our tether when there is nothing left. So instead of admitting to oneself that he/she is weak, instead we fight back maybe to protect our pride or an underlying wound.

The last thing anyone would want to do is to humiliate someone's pride especially in public and in front of friends. Only power users do this, I mean those extreme ones who would impose severe harm on anyone for their own glorification and worship. Could this be cult following of the demon, is not limited to extreme terror but also to those struggling for power. They set up a target to sacrifice for their indulgence in desires and power.

I want to make a couple of comments in here; when we are under repressive pressure, we react in a number of ways like, being sarcastic, giggling, nervous, shaking and sweating. We usually try to avoid saying anything that might prolong our ordeal so we tend to remain silent.

Secondly, we might be right and innocent, but because we are guilty by association whether it's our colour or gender, nothing we say could save us from our ordeal.

And thirdly, we know what's going on and anything we say is twisted and used against us, so it's better not to say anything. Transmutation!

As for subjugation, it is the target of adversary to make a mockery of your being and decimate everything you stand for. This is typical of terror attacks on families, place of worship, symbols of culture and such terror are acted out on anniversary dates.

I have earlier raised potential applications of positive and negative thinking to your decisions. Under pressure when you are vulnerable and nervous, you have come to the end of your tether and caught under repressive conditions.

In here, I'm making a claim that if you have a negative mind, you would end up saying all the wrong things that may support your subjugation. But if you have a positive mind, you are more than likely to say what's right. The point is, what you say that is right will save you in the long run. But more importantly, you are yourself and you have defeated the demon.

You have learned to use your mind under pressure and be the person you are, not the self, or entity or the demon. There are too many demons in our material world. Let me rephrase that; there are too many possessed minds in our material world.

Now, the transformation of positive thinking is 'let there be light'. If you have a positive mind, you are unlikely to be possessed by demonic traits of bullying and etc.. This is because you are unlikely to be envious or jealous about someone else's success. And you are more likely to give credit and compliment someone else for their success.

See, it's very easy to protect yourself from the demon. All one has to do is be oneself. Imagine the whole of society being itself, thinking positively about the planet and Climate Change, and the negative effects of farming that's transmuting growth for future generations!

It's not their fault they have become vegetarians and have dairy-free breakfast. It's not the government's fault that the whole world has woken up to the effects of man-made pollution and decided to do something about it. It's not personal but if we don't transform the means of survival, we'd all be perished in a demonic spiral.

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