Material Freedom is where the individual indulges in his/her selfish desires in aggregation or outside of society; Social Freedom is where citizens make rational decisions for the betterment of their society.

First of all, social control is the way in which society regulates human behaviour. This is achieved by socialisation and enforcement of rules, laws and structures upon individuals. Without rules and laws, society is not able to function successfully and safely in its complex organisation.

However, the socialisation of social order went beyond traffic lights to gender roles and cultural appropriateness or political correctness. And conformity to the rule became old school, it's frown upon with contempt among the younger generations, it became a threshold of rebellion.

This became a movement away from traditional families and cultural binds to individualism where young folks break away and establish in their own units.

We are now in the brave new world of the modern where freedom is a basic element of our secular society. The ex-norm of social order was influenced by religious values, but now in secular societies Material Freedom is the new norm.

Freedom therefore is not a rational thought but a material reason. And the science of the material conforms to material existence. So, the individual has his/her freedom to achieve one's own material desires. In the absence of social norms, the individual's unit is outside the binds of society.

Individuals aim to fulfill their own personal desires, tend to be selfish. Since their material goals are not reliable to produce a stable reality, individuals are caught in a loop of deterioration. And so the development of the self is static in what seems to be progress. Instead, self-fulfilment and desires lead to addiction, illness, disease and ultimately an early death.

It is written in classic text that in the development of the self, the image took on new meaning, resumes human's role. Media promotions of the product heightened the senses to perceive the image. The image became alive and took over human. And Material Freedom is self-indulgence in material desires. This is true of today's material subjectivism, escalated to abnormal social consequences.

And this is where My Social Relations originated from. My Social Relations claims that dreams, wishes and desires are also elements of the material, but they are not trusted to prove a stable reality.

So, subjectivism refers to material entities that cannot produce an objective outcome. Objective outcome is when the function successfully achieves its purpose. That social function contributes to the stable organisation of society.

The modern norm is now focused on gadgets and rules around social media, a major influence in social behaviour. And so society sets out to keep folks safe and protect them from cyber abnormalities by enforcing rules and laws once again.

We can now see clearly that society is not a dictator encroaching upon the freedom of the individual, but rather rules and laws are necessary for the protection of members of society and citizens from harm. The individual therefore is free within values or rules and laws of society. The individual is thus safe and protected from the harms of the material subjectivism world,.

What is it with humans they tend to extend their freedom upon others by discrimination, hate speech and deprivation based on race, gender sex-orientation and age? This is not freedom when harm is imposed upon someone else.

The shared values of society bind its stable organisation. And from here freedom from harm is a value most likely to be shared by most citizens. When we agree with this tenet, freedom is elevated from material subjectivism to rational thought.

So if society is the total sum of all its people's knowledge and society is free and independent to make rules and laws producing objective outcomes in the protection of its citizens, then the collective consensus' decisions become moral law.

And society is established upon the structure of the social level while material subjectivism is an aggregation on the ground level. The collective consensus of rational agreements and moral law reside on the social level. The ground level is an aggregation of material desires.

However, should subjective desires and ideologies be capable of producing objective outcomes, they can be filtered or validly elevated to the social level of rational thought. That's where the science of the material is elevated to the metaphysical. It is transcending the material into being.

So, Social Freedom is a top-down decision requiring a filtering process away from the overwhelming influence of feelings and senses. Ground up decisions are those influenced by feelings and senses.

There is a misconception that the majority decides rational decisions of society. This in our modern setup of many cultures in a complex organisation, the majority vote can easily represent the interests of a predominant culture. And rational decisions therefore may favour that majority culture.

At the same time, popular attraction of material desires may attract votes from across cultures and political following. It's obvious therefore that a political leader who deploys a symbolic image to represent the majority or material desire is a populous one.

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