Objective is the use of tools and methods to quantify ideas in an impartial professional way into reality. Objectivism in My Social Relations is perfect in the sense that is neither good nor bad but exists in its own natural essence.

In the three layers of reality; Materialism, Digital/Social, Spirit/Unknown, methods relative to a layer may explain it's content without prejudice or discrimination. Although, sometimes the use of metaphors are needed. For example, a tree is known by its fruits may describe a person's character.

So much has been said about positive thinking towards practical or productive outcomes. Practical is usually referred to developments that are contingent or can be measured for any purpose whether it's harmful or not. The idea is as long as profit can be made, then it's practical and productive in the material world.

In My Social Relations, positive thinking is a process towards objective outcomes. Objective outcomes are practical and productive, but unlike general practical and productive outcomes, objective outcomes are lacking the element of harm. Instead, objective outcomes contribute to the common good in the stable organisation of communities.

True to the social organisation, positive thinking about oneself is usually subjective, but positive thinking about oneself in the framework of shared values of the community or society is objective. That means positive about oneself in his/her purpose in the organisation.

I want to touch on Georgie's reasoning in my previous essay. Joe complained about the noise from Georgie's room, but Georgie is not aware that the noise is caused by falling objects when she moves around. She blames Joe for feeling jumpy and nervous about the noise.

First, the complaint is about the noise. Second, the noise is caused by Georgie's movement. The result of the noise is causing harm to others in the neighbour-hood.

In our material subjectivist world, the individual's freedom to do as he/she wishes is not only encroaching upon others' freedom to peace and enjoyment of the tenancy, but is also causing harm to them. So Georgie's action maybe positive towards her own selfish desires, but definitely not objective.

This also raises questions of temperament. How she is not aware of causing the objects to fall when she is not deaf, blind or disabled? After various complaints, she continued to drop objects on the floor…!

It seems to me that she is selfish and she doesn't consider other people in the house or neighbour-hood.

The three layers of reality; Material, Digital/ Social and Spirit /Unknown can each have a perception of existence.

The character could be perceived from different layers as selfish individual; subjectivist entity; anti-male feminist and unknown.

I have suggested unknown to be not existing or existing but we don't have the means to know. We know that Georgie can use her feelings and senses and thinking positively for own selfish ends. That means her communications and relationships with others are depended and conditional.

I would say she may have had an experience to lose trust in others and therefore learned to be selfish for own needs I guess to protect herself. Or she may have had an accident causing some physical disconnection in the function of her brain.

However, if it's experience, then learning how to be positively objective is following it through from thoughts to action and to the community. Racism and anti-male or feminism would only help to concrete the problem in her mind. And I'm not sure if that's indoctrination or radicalisation for militia and political mobilization.

If it's physical then medication and communication therapy is ideal to rehabilitate, exercise and retrain her mind/brain from the ground up.

Let's try statistics to indicate the probability of some actions to occur. If her experience is the underlining issue, and some psychologists encourage her to fight back and level the score; that means she is learning negative thinking.

Now, if we could conduct a research (not a survey) in here to indicate positive and negative indications in the realm of the unknown:

In Georgie's case, she could be positive when aiming to achieve her selfish interests; she could also be negative when her selfish interests are not met. It supports her dependency and conditional to social and material environments.

So could positive thinking and following through to action and community of positive people help attract the idea into her mind is possible if she can be positive and negative selectively.

That is why being responsible in helping someone else in need in the community is a valuable lesson in helping oneself. The positive idea is thought through ways of helping someone else in the community.

The morality of the therapy is its voluntary base, its objective motivation towards the common good ie; no harm, no discrimination or political or hidden selfish agenda.

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