Capitalism is exploitation of labour for profit. Workers sell their labour for a wage but often people are trapped in poor working conditions and low wages in order to support their families. Businesses also exploit consumers' addiction to provide demands for a profit. When employers become too powerful, individuals have no say or unrepresented of their rights in the work place. They are trapped between love for their families and pain of the poor conditions at work. Because workers among consumers are not free, they are therefore enslaved.

The extreme exploitation of people for personal and political gain is a covert operation of collecting personal information to profile targeted interests. The government surveillance collects data for a number of reasons, but for political interests groups, they have access to this information. It's a privileged position being a member of the ruling class, nepotism has a way with the law.

Targets are profiled according to a number of significant factors including intelligence, wealth, and social status. The targets background assume a position of power posing a threat to individuals or a political group.

And the covert operation is to dig up dirt against targets to tarnish and demonise their character in the public arena of persecution.

It's understandable that freedom fighters among dissidents have reasons for been targets, but special interest individuals are targeted for their potential power to influence. And that identifies the political tyrant with a power struggle mission of destroying the targets.

This political tyrant has inside agents in all institutions of society from government departments to community agencies. They have the monopoly of corporations to their fingertips. They deploy the media to perpetuate propaganda of public impositions such as covert operations on guild trips.

And every media program from your daily news to advertisements and films are all contaminated by their covert operation. Based on personal information available on the target, a moral imposition is designed to produce a chilling effect of guilt. The target is supposed to experience a conscious awareness of his/her moral wrongdoing is conditioned to surrender from his/her challenge of establishments but instead obey and comply with the political tyrant.

That's how they transform potential leaders to represent the interests of a political group more than doing what's right. He/she is conditioned by guilt trip.

I have generally explained how sense perception corrupt the mind when one is addicted. The senses are conditioned to collect data to fulfil his/her material desire. And dictators among tyrants exploit this window to enslave people. Some government departments use debts to trap individuals. You know if you don't pay off your debt in time, the interests accumulate a static pain in your mind. And some have committed suicide to free themselves from modern slavery.

Everything about you is recorded and you can be traced anywhere. You name, your whanau, your blood type, any disease or illness you endure, criminal record, favourite food, type of clothing and shoes you wear, friends and places you go, even your voice and eyes are recognised and structure of your face. Those smart cameras in public places can have your name attach to your photo in no time. And knowing that everything about you is recorded, you are trapped.

Mind control or as one politician claim is modern slavery. The invasion of privacy is one form of human right. The sabotage of the conscience is a violation of freedom. And this coming from a non-elected political group is a violation of democratic right. But why should this political group have access to government surveillance is nothing short of crime.

It's a mass violation of rights, freedom, democracy and discrimination based on sex and race. Anyone who exceeds power of the government of the people is an absolute tyrant.

One of the reasons why some people are targeted is because they are impartial to nationalism. Ideological politics would have citizens pro national and alliance as in the West. But if you don't discriminate against other nationalities like Indians or Asians, then you are a target of the tyrant covert operation. But this in the modern is challenged not by individuals but the way the world is intertwined.

Individuals have family connections to other cultures and race, so to favour and be patriotic to one culture is turning against another of one's own family. It makes sense for some people to leave while targeted by tyrant political groups for protection of their families.

Not only in families but also a strategic weapon in sports. When talented sports people pull out of competitions because of cultural and racial discriminations, racism becomes a strategic weapon for winning.

And obviously, this patriotic practice is old fashion brutal in the modern. The barbaric practice has not only decimated families but weaponised sports in the modern. There is no place for this kind of uncivilised custom in modern civilisation.

A covert operation identifies a notorious perpetrator who sets out to demonise innocent individuals, decimate their families and weaponised racism a strategic ploy for winning...

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †