IN CONTEXT 27/07/21

When someone writes an article and posts it online, everybody has a chance to critique and judge your piece. The writer has in fact disclosed his/her thoughts, emotions, heart and soul for everyone to comment on.

It's ok when you receive feedback and gives a chance to modify and or defend your piece. But if you don't, I guess you'll never know. But I write to a targeted audience hoping to reach out and provide support on shared values and so on.

There are unique qualities typical of your style that some like and others don't, but it provides special characteristics of your style. And you are known and identified by such features.

From a Pacific background, there is a context in particular topics that is often silent. For example, I rarely refer to a person according to their race or colour of their skin. I almost use his/her pronouns to refer to everyone like a universal preference more than personal. I have respect for all humans irrespective of difference.

European is usually a white person and Palagi is European person in my native language.

Let's say again that 1+1=2, so one banana + one banana = 2 bananas is a fact. Now when we say 1 Palagi + 1 Palagi = 2 Palagi? In context, no! My experience of Palagi is subtle discrimination, repression, deprivation, bullyism etc. 1 Palagi +1 Palagi is therefore I'm out numbered and here we go again. I will always have to be careful around Palagi to ensure I'm not been framed for something.

The abstract science may define a European, but I have just proven the abstract science does not equal to reality. There are other characteristic qualities that are identified in the id. And religion has transformed my experience of Palagi to a trusting person. Well not all religions since some denominations couldn't see beyond the colour of my skin. It seems ideology plays a role in some religions too.

And while my audience can identify with the experience, I myself is drawn to the injustice and suffering other's endure. In that, we have a binding relationship and by doing something about it, we bring this relationship into being. Well, a remote relationship if you like.

In our contemporary approach to social justice in light of racial discriminations, the government is inviting submissions on Freedom of Speech before modifications. And race discrimination or hate speech is defined by an Internet Documentary as violence. Now if someone is violently attacked, he/she has a right to defend him/herself. If someone therefore is a target of racial and hate speech, he/she has a right to defend him/herself.

We are familiar with racist attitudes such as if one Pacific male commits a crime therefore all Pacific males are guilty by association. This assumption weighs towards employment decisions that favour Europeans over Pacific persons.

I have mentioned earlier that a writer usually provides for feedback on a piece he/she has posted online. But for this has allowed for ideological hate speech and race discriminatory attacks on the writer. It is an atrocious exercise and for those writers who are scammed with trolls, race discrimination, derogatory filth and bullyism etc., you are not alone and may be best to control who must allow to comment. I have been a subject of such attacks for a while now I know what's genuine from political hate speech.

I have suggested in my previous essay to separate ideology from trade in order to prevent war trades that inflate the cost of living especially for the poor. And the same can be said for social issues in our society. I know politics is everywhere in life and it's a daunting task, but at least we have to start from somewhere.

Most if not all social issues are polarised according to race, economic standards and political following or ideology. It is ideological interpretation of issues that target race discrimination. The ideological language is coded in terms of colonial mentality where Palagi is an ideological term more than a person. And coded terms are symbolised by hate speech and race discrimination.

Accordingly, Pacific is usually silent and passive about such issues. Every time one tries to raise an issue of concerns, he/she is quickly shut down. So when a window for airing frustrations opens up, it is quickly shut down by ideological codes whether it's direct threats, TV shows, radio subjects of talk back and or social media.

So if ideological codes or hate speech and threats are regulated, then the same TV shows, radio talk back and social media outlets are forced to think about race discrimination or hate speech and threats. We are all humans irrespective of race or culture, and we are not all Americans, or Londoners or Australians.

Overall, the proposal may provide a role for religion in the state or an independent body for scientific and objective truths. Having said that, do we really trust Justice being independent from politics? I don't know but it is the colonial mentality of supremacy that has destroyed our world and it's ideological entity may require exorcism to rescue our humanity.

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