ENTITY 15/07/21

In My Social Relations, I have defined the term 'being' as a human person who is alive and existing. Human has functioning qualities of mind, body and spirit.

The term 'entity' refers to something or someone that is perceived to exist. An entity may embody a form of human with an identity and characteristics, or an object or organisation.

Being is used to refer to real humans and entity refers to robots, A.I., avatars, self, Aliens or demons and etc.. It is also referred to corporations and social organisations perceived as beings. Entities and beings are particularly typical of the modern era of technological organisation.

When the addict craves for his/her desire, the senses work overtime to collect data. The data form sense perception of an image. The sense perception convince the mind that that the image is not what it is, but perceived and experienced it to be something else. And the real person is transmuted from human to entity. He/she is under the spell of addiction.

For as long as the entity is satisfying its desires, he/she is over eating, over drinking, smoking, over shopping or overindulging in one's desires. On the event that the entity fails to fulfil its desires, his/her feelings and senses become heightened instincts characteristics of a wounded animal protecting itself. This is a state where the entity's behaviour is usually anti-social and creative in ways of satisfying his/her fix. And that may involve burglary, dealing, violence and crime.

And this is the issue society had been trying to resolve for ages.

Preachers among community leaders have referred to this state as hardened criminals requiring to admit to their sins or wrong doings; they should repent and ask for forgiveness.

I'm not sure if doctors and practitioners have been trying to treat this state with medication therapy, but I know some doctors have been trying rehabilitation therapy.

The trouble is, businesses have also been relying on this state to generate consumer demands. It has been used as an economic stimulant in times of economic drought. But as long as economic fetishes are produced and become available, the state of addiction will also exist to become a sector of society. And this sector is associated with underground activities of the lower socio-economic class.

I know one politician had made it a family business to legalise supply for the addicts, so according to some leaders, this state of entity must be a good and productive behaviour.

Another approach is seeking prohibition of some drugs in order to control addiction and to anaesthetise or treat the addiction. And the usual vigilantes join preachers in imposing guilt driven and punitive ploys.

However, the social approach usually seek an underlying reason behind the behaviour. For example, a change of government may result with a temporary pause in developments especially when the incoming government inheres the outgoing one's social and economic negligence.

During this recession period, individuals may lose their jobs as the cost of living inflates. Having nothing else to do, stressed individuals have plenty of time to drown their sorrows with alcohol or a few smokes.

This one time gathering is repeated the next day for the fun until individuals crave for the social gathering associated with alcohol or smoke. So whenever the mood emerges, individuals crave for the fun and alcohol.

Now, I'm not sure if feeling sorry for your sins can change your social behaviour when the cause is due to an economic drought. And I think some doctors have prescribed psychotic drugs and sleeping pills to deal with stress, I could be corrected.

I have mentioned somewhere that to reverse the behaviour, suffering individuals have to redirect the process of satisfying his/her desire to target an objective purpose towards his/her community.

He/she learns how to redirect the same passion and desire away from him/herself towards someone else in the community. Addiction is an individual's selfish disease. So in dealing with the individual's trouble, he/she is moving away from oneself to the community. And the best way for achieving this is to join a community group helping someone else. It is learning and sharing someone else's joy and happiness. You know, give credit and compliments rather than making it as your own.

As an economic stimulus, consumers among potential addicts could be funded for rehabilitation expenses. Regulation could also sort to balance innocent fun and addictive behaviour.

For as long as capitalism is determined by a material mode, there will always be a permanent sector of society associated with Poverty, Addiction, Violence and crime. No amount of incarceration or guilt driven punishment such as stigmatisation or demonisation can heal a social abnormality. In the absence of conscious and rational thought, it may well develop an addiction to punishment if it hasn't already for the entity!

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