I wonder if travellers have timeless experience in space!

A good day depends on the weather; cold wind or warm and stale zap the energy. But somewhere in between, a moderate day prepares the morning for a good time. I do 18 minutes a kilometre on average and 16 on a good day.

Everyone walk pass me as they seem to be polite when overtaking. It's an old fashion gesture but I definitely don't think that way.

It's not a lonely aimless stroll nor a rush to get somewhere, but breathing in the morning fresh of the rise. A panorama of the coastline stretch and shades of the sunrise portray a timeless vision.

So taking a morning stroll is more than therapeutic. It is carving a passage of time between winding curves, associated with scents of the fresh. And the scene opens a window of time travel.

Well, it's more exciting than been corrupted by noise pollution of so-called motel living environment.

You can be transported either to the future or to the past; the destination is determined by the association of your emotions to the morning scent. A driver steers the vehicle along the winds and bends of the road, but emotions navigate your travel away from danger towards safety.

In a way you could be keeping an eye on the road, but at the same time there's an auto pilot steering your way from danger. So it seems that you go in and out of travel to ensure you are on the right path.

The destination is obviously an objective goal. But the travel screen projects the events on your way and before you know it, you have arrived at your destination.

The first kilometre is usually a standing cold start. The grumbles of sometimes a disruptive night wakes to remind you whether you are dressed for the weather. The second kilometre is mostly acclimatisation of the conditions before taking off. And the third and final kilometre seems like forever, but in reality, it is the fastest in 13 minutes.

The natural beauty of daybreak is not restricted to sights and sounds of the physical environment. There is a parallel projection of its reality taken in by feelings and senses. They project the unseen events of your travel.

So the therapy projects a panorama of sights and sounds on the screen while you are transported to a parallel world of the future or the past. It takes your mind off from negative focus on the pains of your body as you struggle against the rugged domain. As I said earlier, there are winds and curves of the road, but there is also the presence of prams, bikes and dogs! You have to be really careful or you get run over.

And the therapeutic exercise is a holistic coordinated effort of the elements. You are exercising your whole body as your feelings and senses are entertained and spring cleaning the memory. You know, there might be subjective aspects adding weight to your struggle, when your load could be enlightened. And you are the better for it.

In the normal state of motel living, nights are polluted with sights and sounds of the environment.

The silver moon and star lights are drowned out by commercial lights of the neighbourhood. If there was an internal connection between your being and the heavens, then it is corrupted.

That natural enjoyment in tune with relaxation is blocked. The commercial nature of motel living has cast a blanket of darkness over your bedroom window, the natural elements of dreams are locked out.

Natural elements are replaced with creatures and monsters of the night.

You know there is something about waking up on certain times of the morning to greet the day. But monster noise disrupts that pattern and you are forcefully awaken in some uncertain hours.

When you fall asleep again, the chances are you could oversleep and wake up late for work.

Sleep deprivation is a psycho treatment of prisoners to control their psyche. What damage could that establish in the development of young children is certain to surface later in life. But being brought up in a poor neighbourhood disguised the underlying reasons to point the finger at parents. There were enough houses for everyone including the homeless, but someone decided to make a profit by depriving the poor.

If nature is a prerequisite for the modern, then transitional developments are objective to the improvement of life. That's why economic developments have to serve a purpose for the quality of living for all. Holistic quality at that.

However as we experience, the modern has disrupted natural elements that growth is deviated from wellness of being to the material of the entity. Humans have to learn to accept artificial light, and noise control sleep. As artificial developments transition, the modern is without the silver moon and stars, and the morning chorus is replaced by a monster truck emptying the rubbish bin.

I'm thinking that one has to be creative in motivation for whatever the task, but I guess for those who were born in the modern, starless nights and monster noise it's natural to them. It must be the reason why some people find the experience of weightlessness a heavenly experience.

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