A DYING RACE 04/07/21

The News is the ultimate show in modern societies where Information Technology is a popular industry. The market is a popular culture of agencies distributed from national outlets to private corporations among social media and blogs; they all feed the tubes of consumer addiction.

Deprived of standards, it is usual practice to personalise the news according to popular demands. Major social outlets specialise in the propaganda of beauty production to capture a large size of the teen population. The same market is also engaged in adverse effects of social media controversies.

National news tap more into politics and since there is no such thing as objective media, it also involves the propaganda of controversies. They target sectors of the population by such issues as racial and commercial interests fine tuned to attract a captive audience.

Now with technological advancement, algorithm collects your personal data to design advertisements to feed your wishes and desires. Yes, the News show is a junky business with a political twist.

All this raw data is collected by one's feelings and senses in the formation and maintenance of his/her self.

The development of this subjectivist material entity is heightened to subdue the function of the social mind in rational thought. That is; the digital matrix takes over the functions of the social layer.

The introduction of algorithm and A.I. have heightened their capability to expand and maintain the captive market by generating misinformation and fake news. The more the controversy, the bigger the audience and in turn the profit.

So we are living in a chaotic world of misinformation, its explosion may not be a problem for algorithm, but this it's a struggle for the human mind. However, in keeping with the demands, upgrade of devices must surely witness a transitional transformation of the human form taking place.

And society no longer produces citizens, but rather sectors of addicts not limited to political junkies, entertainment, beauty and fashion fanatics, but also to adversarial effects of anti-social, obesity, mental illness and suicide.

It's a serious indication that human cannot digest the complexity of information especially technical ones, so we humans depend more on machines for our survival. It's faster analysis and calculation of data improve ideas beyond human capability. The machine continues to improve itself and evolve above and beyond. At the same time, human is overloaded and burnout, is left behind.

Dry from addiction and devoid of mental function, it is unlikely for human to withstand the attack of viruses and effects of Climate Change.

A recent heatwave in Columbia has demonstrated Climate Change effects that people native to the conditions were not able to sustain the heat have died. At the same time, a previous hack of gas pipes had interfered with the operation of gas services therefore economy. Further proof of how vulnerable we are to the misuse of algorithm and information is the recent disruption of hospital computer operations in demand for money at the expense of risking life.

Human lives is at the mercy of machines. With its capabilities, algorithm has access to armed drones, it's only a matter of time before it invades the security of nuclear arms.

All this development is possible because it is human who treated other humans separate from themselves as unequal and subordinated. Separation is maintained by racial discrimination and deprivation. History is marred by atrocities against human including war; human has and will continue to destroy human.

It had to be a bright idea that gave rise to the feeling of superior over other humans. The practise of the idea required to discriminate and separate became a habit developed into a custom and culture. And a way of life is in the gene. It is the basis of class structure of the capitalist economy. And Inequality is designed to separate on the basis of race and gender, where those disadvantaged struggle to make ends meet.

The need for separation of the classes had improved the means for punishment and war which in turn improved design and manufacture of arms and weapons, all for the sole purpose of killing. If superiority is demonstrated by the ability to kill, then it's conducive of the machine to rise above humans.

Reversing the process is possible, but we can't be sure if the so-called superior culture is willing to change! For other humans, we can hope and think positive about the outcome. We can learn to restore the function of the mind and unplug ourselves from the tubes of addiction. It's time to get serious and dump the matrix as we rise to our true social being.

The indigenous peoples of the world have realised and become aware of reality, risen in grassroots groups to reclaim their human dignity. We can also prepare by dumping the matrix and restore our true being for when the time comes, at least we go with dignity.

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