In My Social Relations, Beauty is not referring to a physical attribute. Rather the physical is transcended in to being where the qualities and values of the material attract. So it doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, your gender or status.

I once stated that existence is the intersection between truth and reality. It could be said that I am honest therefore I exist. Unfortunately, many people are liars and dishonest, they outnumber true honest people in our world. How do I know, well the system of organising the means of survival is based on deception. In order to survive therefore, one's needs depend on deceiving someone else.

And that must say something about true, honest and real people. It's a rare group who constitute a special class of extraordinary citizens. The trouble is, it is difficult to know when one is being honest and true or being dishonest and misleading in our predominant world of unreality. That's what colonisation has done to us.

In My Social Relations, objectivism is the outcome of constructive contribution that stabilises society. Constructive developments are individual and group tasks based on their shared and common values or ideas.

When they come together to participate in the activities of practising their values and ideas, social relations are developed. And objective social relations are constructive values and ideas that are shared. And society is established upon the practice of social relations.

The maintenance of social relations as in changing values especially between tradition and modernity as well as diversity means society is a dynamic existence. It means we are not static but progressive.

Let's say truth is not only objective but also holistic. That means, it is more than just a visual abstract presentation of an idea. It is also more than just a physical presentation or just a thought.

Remember, we cannot trust our senses alone to distinguish reality. Therefore, what we see has to serve an objective and constructive purpose to the stability of the social organisation.

I have to say in here that no one is dictating or imposing decisions upon others. It is a collective awareness. A genuine mode of function in the heart and mind realises beauty in the object. And beauty is represented by desired and shared values of the group. And so it seems we are all different with various ideas and values, but agree on objective beauty.

So when a vision, or object or idea is presented as value but does not produce an outcome to the stability of society, then it is neither true nor reality. The group naturally realise the objective from the subjective.

Objectivism is completeness and Holistic is wholeness. Obviously, something that is not complete is not whole. The senses alone are not the whole person. The idea is represented in a dimensional aspect of physical, mental and spiritual. It's a holistic representation of the mind, body and spirit.

What is unreal is when representations of reality only appeal to the senses, or only to the emotions. That's unreal. Reality is the full representation of the whole. You see what happens, for over two thousand years we have been represented by the sense of the material. And as a result, we have not only endured physical, emotional and mental suffering, but has led the world and its habitants to depletion and extinction.

The desires of the material had created a static loop that while individuals are deceived in thinking that they are moving forward when in fact they are stuck as their world deteriorates into non-existence.

The old static world of the material created standards and compliant expectations for everyone to follow. If you break the rules, you are criminalised. As it turned out, nearly all of the prison population are non-Europeans; identified by their ethnicity, gender or sex orientation and status.

Not only the one standard doesn't fit all, but folks are being criminalised and castrated for being different.

And so the linear material system is one dimensional and cannot accommodate the reality of differences. Therefore, progress is integrating the senses with mind and body, the same time differences are realised that we are not all the same.

We keep on thinking in the style of the olden ways that someone needs to tell us what to do and that everything is fine when they look new and colourful. Now we come to realise within ourselves that we know what to do and we are happy when we are free to do it.

And that takes us to the defining factor of Objectivism. We say 1 +1 = 2 is true. But then 1 is fuel and the other is fire, while this is true in the outcome of an explosion, it is not objective. What is objective, contributes to the stability of the social organisation. Maybe 1 is engine and the other is water, then the outcome might be fire engine which is objective.

Now we can add less harmful to completeness of objectivism. The opposite of objective is subjective. So fire and explosion may come under subjective, while fire engine and safety under objectivism.

When we coordinate our feelings and senses to serve our minds and emotions and to filter objective developments that we are not engaged in the practice of harm and destruction. Irrespective of our differences we realise a collective awareness of what we share as we come together in the practice of the activities of our society.

And yes, at the achievement of progress, society takes steps moving forward.

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