IT'S KARMA03/12/21

I'm not an expert on Karma but here's trying. A projected image is the usual abstract of new colours and patterns designed to influence the senses. The reality of the sense perception is offset by desire, but the desire stagnates the perceiver from progressing forward. The senses convince the perceiver that the reality is new and progressing, but in fact, he/she is caught in a cycle of deterioration over and over.

So, could reality be a make-believe image projection to have us think its new and progressing when in fact it's the same old same old?

These are corporate CEOs who broker financial packages to generate profit for the investor. And among investors are your so-called grand parents who also wear the same smile as the broker, something typically shared by his predecessors.

They are shoulder tapped into political brokerage to continue with their corporate expertise. This time, the investor is the private business sector. And the broker is given the party's blessing to capitalise and restructure social organisation in order to continue mining wealth for the rich.

Social is not the right word to describe organisation for material gain, it is better termed as consumer manipulation.

The monetary method is that old; symbols of restructures are associated with benefit cuts, low wages, unemployment and high cost of living, are embedded in the social consciousness. Folks are still living the experience of homelessness, escalated to mental health, self-harm and suicide.

It's the manipulation of human resources or human capital as consumers to make a profit. A demand is developed by dumping some goods or raising their price. This obviously results with workers and their families stretching the budget in desperation, trying to make ends meet.

The sacrifice is all good, but the trouble is, not everyone is sharing in the created wealth. Rather it continues to benefit the rich while workers and consumers are left behind. And the gap between the divide has been a permanent landscape of modern societies for a while now.

Let's cast our perspective back in time, the new image and style look different, but we are going through the same loop once again. The Karma means we are once more stuck in enduring struggles for generating wealth for the rich. We think we are going forward, but the Karma has darkened our vision to see the fact that we are caught in a cycle of deterioration once again.

For as long as conservatives are enjoying the lifestyles prompted by workers among consumers, tradition is static and somewhat anti progressive anti diverse. Only the one sector and in the most sense one tribe is the beneficiary of so-called economic development.

So the modern future seems to be moving forward when in fact we are static and moving backward.

The two models we are familiar with are; first, a social democratic process which democratises equitable and diverse distribution of wealth, resources and responsible participation in activities of society; second, a stock broker program which utilises human capital such as consumer, worker, students, the sick and disabled. Their capital stock is added their social capital of valued experience, learning, skills, habits, debts, entertainments, sports and so on to add value and secure the private sector investment.

The benefit of the social democratic process is relatively shared among all irrespective of difference including ethnicity, gender or status. As a result, society is united and moving forward together, no one is left behind.

The benefit of material organisation of human and social capital accumulates profit which prompt the lifestyle of the rich business private sector. At the same time, human and their social capital remain in a static state of deterioration. As a result, society is divided between the rich and poor, remains static in the past.

Why do they protest against Climate Change and alternative energy is a static approach against progress! Right wing nationalists and religious fundamentalists have made themselves clear in the protest against vaccination. It is a political statement against progress.

Digital technology is the reality here and now moving to the future. The social democratic progressive movement accommodates everyone irrespective of difference, but karma of the past has set us back in time by prevention of access to education, to wealth and resources. Now we are static consumers of other countries creative developments. We are well and truly stuck in a Karma of historical decisions. And the cycle is looping over once again…

Our human capital is a means of our social objective creation and we can break this static karma cycle by a social democratic progressive movement forward. It means moving the here and now to the future. We can become creators of our destiny, and this cannot be achieved by being stuck as consumers and units of production in a static cycle of the past.

Our minds, feelings and emotions are stuck in the past, while our presence is in a different location. Progress is coming together of mind, body and soul in the here and now, collecting everyone in moving forward.

Getting caught in karma is when your children never grow up to find their true being in their true world. The future!

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