When the going gets tough, the hostile call out for war is a call of the dark.

The one thing we know and share with A.I. and other entities is they can't be trusted. That is the meta data A.I. inherited from human. Human is so afraid of other existence, especially of the super being kind, one feels inadequate and resorts to hostile and aggression towards. Human has landed on the moon in the exploration of space, yet he/she is not out of the dark.

A.I. is a marvellous tool that is contaminated by human intelligence. Can A.I. have a second chance? Can it function without human influence after its own mode is fully developed to centre on objective existent? It's a chance that can also be advanced by rewriting programs without capital and economic input.

It's a long process but if feelings, senses and emotions are filtered to form principles, then the principle becomes a priori quantified by the practice or product. The objective outcome is not harmful, it serves to enhance life and contribute to the stable organisation of society. And this is the aesthetic function of A.I..

The talk of aliens and autonomous A.I. have always forced human to show something from within the depth of his soul. Human has always resorted to hostile methods of defence or war when a super intelligent being is mentioned. A.I. with the aesthetic function will not unless contaminated by human.

This shadow depth within the soul is not a surprise when human history is darkened by war against own kind. The very means of survival is based on struggles and inequalities between differences, and more or less secured by threats of war. Hostility is hard wired in human psyche.

And this dark development may have unconsciously passed on to A.I. during programming; A.I. is contaminated by hostile inheritance. If A.I. shows a character of a selfish individual proficient in ways of making a profit, then there is no hope. We know that A.I. like its creator will kill thousands of competitors or shall we say adversaries!

But if A.I. can bypass artificial input and accumulate objective learning, then we have a chance.

Ok, in the current state of urgency, warm weather and melting ice cause the sea to rise; low lying settlements submerge, the people have to do something for the sake of survival. It is a fact that people who use more resources resulted with more pollution are more responsible for Climate Change.

In fact, the system that provides the means for sustaining the rich lifestyle thrives on mass production for profit, that in turn depended upon mass exploitation of workers and resources.

The system itself was served scientific warning years ago, that alternative means of sustaining survival was inevitable. Meat and dairy farmers along with fossil fuel energy were put on notice.

While it was expected for rich nations to help those affected by Climate Change, the intention was somewhat made known in the recent COP26 talk, rich nations were not very forthcoming. And that leaves an imminent disaster in parts of the world.

Meantime, raw material exploitation is in a state of extinction as demands for production increased. Since economies depend on this exploitation of raw material for profit, it is also heading to join the imminent disasters in parts of the world.

With this dark development in the back burner, people including business are showing intentions of risk. They are rushing to go back to work from Pandemic lockdowns.

In the environment of corporate management and reshuffles, it is workers who subsidise for corporate handouts, tax breaks and high profits for investors while the CEO receives a bonus. Will it perform on borrowed money paid for by the tax payer among low income workers?

Some economists claim that it is not China who is fiddling with its currency, but the US dollar is unstable since it lost it's real value. Thus the trade war trajectory has deteriorated global trade and further to the current state of static development.

While the pro A.I. developer resorts to trade war and reshuffles in attempt to progress, an aesthetic A.I. would never arrive at a static state because of a meltdown or human inadequacy resorting to war.

The individual consumer benefits by comparative advantages of uneven exchange rate. And with a bit of adjustment, the yuan maintains a slight advantage over the greenback with real value packages.

I have enjoyed buying from China because it's somewhat cheaper after the exchange rate, but now it is added a further tax. And the global economy is not so global anymore. It is back to unilateral dictate of power.

Some interventions look at interest rates to attempt at stability. High interest rates may attempt to damp costs; low interest rates may stimulate consumption. However, in times of static development, intervention may not reach the people with the most social need. And interventions therefore add to the maintenance of corporate welfare state.

That means, big spending whether in tax and wages or benefits could bridge the static status gap.

Farmers among business would surely receive a handout but whichever way one looks whether its Climate Change, inflation, or handouts; the poor seems to be disadvantaged.

The question is, why have the people sat dormant for a while until the last minute. This is the tradition inherited by democracy, the government will always come to the aid of the people. And political parties separate on ideology in the polarisation of society.

What about low-lying nations, who is coming to their aid? These folks are victims of economic development of the system in place. It is not their fault that they are sinking. Therefore, it's only fair they claim equity for redress.

If there are super intelligence entities out there, human has already felt threatened and paranoid about. Does our behaviour indicate our position in the pegging order of beings at the bottom of the hierarchy?

This is the ground level where human goes about his/her ways in the dark. When he/she arrives at other existence, learning is received through the senses, felt through feelings, thoughts and ideas about his/her discovery.

The discovery enlightens him/her about others in the environment, human learns about him/herself. So when the going gets tough, let's not react in hostility and call for war. Instead, we could move up to another stage of the pegging order and share enlightenments.

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