Capitalism, Socialism and Communism are three different heads of the same beast. The people who feed the beast are no different from each other in each head. In time, these are the same people who have evolved from one phase of civilisation to another. They themselves evolved through time in their own little world. The last thing they would ever wish for is to own and become static existence in a plain of a given head or civilisation.

In our own little world, at what point of reality does adversary exist? I think evil is mistaken for adversary when we envy others' success. It is envy and jealousy that for no reasons at all, someone is attacked, bullied and blamed just because he/she is successful, better or different.

It's a personal feeling of pain and resentment because of status recognition enjoyed by another person, causing a desire to possess the same status. This may be a normal capitalistic character, but it's a serious defect in we have people who have lost their livelihoods, their families and their lives for no fault of their own.

Adversary is a system of argument involving two sides with antagonistic characters that are hostile and in constant opposition against each other. The adversarial system of parliament has two major opposing parties. They present facts in arguments on policies on social issues, the economy and law.

The court system has an adversarial system between prosecution and defense. They also present facts in arguments against the opposition. Both the above systems are adversarial relationships.

The debate of issues in parliament analyses facts of policies for better or objective outcomes. But we know in our parliamentary system, antagonism focuses more on personal controversial aspects than facts to undermine the opposition's argument.

It has been a normal practice for opposing members to dig dirt against their opposition. And political debates become mud-slinging contests. So, if someone is found after the mud to be as clean as a white-wear, does it mean that he/she is without sin, therefore right or true?

The fact is, governments are now made-up of coalition partners in the modern (apart from the Labour government in the last election when it had enough votes to govern alone), it's no longer a one major party against the other, but many parties against many others. This is getting closer to democratic representation of the people.

The progress of Diversity has enabled people of all gender, sex-orientation, ethnicity and different beliefs to represent their communities. And this has effectively narrowed down the options for argument, when in opposition an argument could just as hostile to own members as to the opposition.

And since facts of issues are now relative to diversity, direct opposition to a group may not make sense anymore when the same issues may affect one's own party position. In our modern diverse organisation, issues of culture, belief, gender and sex orientation are confronting the old two-party representation of society.

It is no longer one measure fits all in the archive of tradition, it is diverse progress where no one is left behind; hello, this includes Maori, Pasefika, Asian, Eastern European, Middle East, African and so on.

You know what, local progress paving the way for global progress. It is unity of difference be it ethnicity, gender, religion or civilisation. And you know something else, each civilisation has to progress and evolve. Static dictators wish to indulge in the advantage of the moment, but envy is a trap in static deterioration.

However, people would soon realise for themselves the reality, rise to embrace the conscious realisation.

Does a person's bedroom behaviour, his/her ethnicity or gender affect his/her judgement or logical decisions either in parliament or in a court of law? Why is a person with a criminal conviction testimony in court not trusted over someone who hasn't committed a crime? Lately, more and more of so-called innocent persons are convicted of hideous crimes. Yet the old stigma sticks.

Let me tell you this. You are not defined by your mistakes; you fall down, you get up and continue. There's not much you can do about what people say and do, but there's a lot you can do about yourself.

A political conflict of interests is more doubtful while an ex-criminal has nothing to lose. And besides, lawyers are inaccessible for the ordinary folk, it might be better to represent oneself and hope for the best.

So, what makes a natural adversary; members of the opposite sex have natural agreements for the sake of the family. But this agreement has exceeded the threshold of genders in same sex relationships which renders the adversarial system outdated.

I guess it was compatible with absolute tradition of having two major parties, one for the general folks and the other for the rich.

Now, the younger generation have grown up with Diversity and realise for themselves the struggles and injustice. The static cycle of deterioration is now eating away their future. They realise if they don't do something, their future is dissolved in the same endless bit.

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