I have applied Transcendence of the material into being as follows. It is the idea of the material, the physical, an object or a person the individual; the idea is usually of the subjective nature in terms of selfish and ambitious desires. The physical nature of the subjective material idea and entity includes wishes, dreams and selfish desires. Desire can also be objective in nature, it is its selfish nature that is subjective.

For some reasons, a change of heart or mind occurred and somehow a person wishes to do something not for him/herself but for others like helping out, giving a donation, or volunteering for the good of his/her local community.

And the practice of the idea transforms his/her heart into objective being. The practice purifies the idea from its subjective nature to objective being. The idea is a subjective aspect, the practise filters the subjective aspect in the mind. Purified in the mind, the idea becomes a top-down principle; a mode of action is executed and quantified by the practice. And the idea transforms the physical, the person, the object into objective being.

You see, existing in being is living according to the principles and good ideas not for selfish and ambitious gain but for others and the community. So we have subjective individualism and objective communities.

Objective is consistent with ideas and practise contributed to helping others in the community; being is existing. So when someone is practising good and helpful ideas for the community, his/her nature is not selfish and ambitious, but he/she is living according to principles in the community. We have now come to know these objective ideas as values and principles binding our relationships and organisations.

It's possible that community organisations are established on objective ideas, where the practice of such ideas transforms the organisation from a subjective entity to an objective being. This is true in some churches that are established on top down principles where people attempt to live accordingly.

Now here's the catch. The idea is filtered in the mind; its quantification is the actual physical practice of helping, giving, volunteering etc.. The idea is purified in the mind from selfish and ambitious desire to a priori or top-down approach. When the idea is purified, it is transcended from its physical subjective nature to objective being.

Very important! The purification and transcendence process in the mind does not purify the body. It does not purify the body to immunise from corvid-19. But the practise of pure principles is quantified by good and helpful work for the community that enables the idea to influence positive decisions and moving away from selfish ambitious desires to helping out in the community.

The metaphysical process purifies the mind and not the body, but the top-down approach enables the individual to influence his/her decisions towards positive and principle decisions. So in a way, the body is nonetheless cleansed from its selfish habits and desires. And this process may take a while to store in the blood.

It is true that God does not remove the impurities of nature such as corvid-19 from your body. But if you are a believer in the principle of God, you would not act in contrary to the principle such as antivaccination and anti-government anti community. That is believing in ideology and politics. Instead, the positive, beauty and objective nature of belief may influence your thinking resulting with the change of your heart and mind.

And its just about confirmed in here that good, positive and principle ideas are not of the individual him/herself, but of his/her community.

You cannot say you believe in God but practice ideological beliefs. In the same way, if your ideological belief influences your decision to be unvaccinated and somehow you got infected and die, God does not rescue you from death.

It is your own decision that you end up dying and God does not force decisions upon you or anyone else. Like most antivaxxers have claimed that they have a right to their decisions and freedom to be free from vaccination.

So, why does God allow people to die? If God rescues people from their decisions, then God becomes a dictator. Why doesn't God do something with the environment or with Afghanistan, Refugees and Colonisation? All those ills are humans own decisions. If God intervened and made everything perfect and beautiful, then life would be most boring. But because we have lived through struggles and injustice, we have learned and hopefully change our hearts and minds for a better future for our children.

There are some beautiful souls out there risking their own lives trying to save others in spite of political beliefs in antivaccination and freedom to cross borders enabling the spread of covid-19 especially to vulnerable and innocent persons.

I guess some people are so obsessed with their own selfish desires they couldn't see beyond their egos.

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