In a process, Inequality is a pivotal pillar of Capitalism. It is maintained by social class relations such as institutionalised attitudes. The upper echelon monopolise opportunities resulting with exclusion of others that are not members, usually non-Europeans. In this case, class maintenance is based on race and to keep the classes separated is to create racist relations. And these racist relations are quantified by deprivation of access to resources and opportunities.

Social class relations may label the disadvantaged provocative terms in the maintenance of class boundaries. The disadvantaged are deprived from affordable housing settle in easy maintenance poor housing. They spend what little resource on crises, and have little left to maintain their health and wellbeing. Known as the lower socio-economic sector, the disadvantaged endure poor conditions.

The desperate attempt to stretch the budget results with shortcuts to health maintenance; they lose self-confidence and self-esteem and are caught in the condition of Poverty. And life in the hood is adapted to irrational consumerism including creative means of survival.

Thus the struggle for survival is not only in retaliation for racist class position, but also targeting where the rich resources are. And this may account for the creation of gang activities to strengthen and protect one's position.

So logically, the trend follows from Capitalism or economy to Racism, Inequality, Poverty and Crime. And accordingly, if you want to resolve those issues, then simply reverse the process. Less crime can be achieved by less poverty, less poverty can be achieved by more Equality. Equality therefore can be achieved by getting rid of racism or less capitalism. The reverse process is called Socialism.

And there you have it, so-called social class under Capitalism is not Socialism but a subjective material aspect. Class or social status in material capitalism is imposed upon a person based on his/her ethnicity. For a European is upper class, but for a non-European is lower class. If social class is bestowed upon a person because of his/her race or financial achievements then there is no difference between a rich business owner and a thief. I guess this needs the emphasis on achievement not only to be one's legal and valid efforts, but also the purpose or objective served for such achievement.

So having said that, social class is bestowed upon a person in recognition of his/her social achievements. Social class is not allocated on the basis of one's ethnicity or gender but by the people's recognition of his/her efforts in social life. Obviously, the people would not recognised a criminal for his/her achievements, but even a poor person may achieve social status just by his/her character in displaying qualities of charity and compassion towards the needy.

The application of social class status in capitalism therefore is discriminative and invalid, but may be appropriate for a material system to bestow accolades for a person with an accumulation of material possession. His/her prize however remains a material token and not a social status.

A true social system is a people-focus system to meet the social need. In my previous article, I mentioned a person's conscience in the context of consciousness. Now for a person in an upper class position compared to one in a lower class, do they perceive the same consciousness?

Ok, what is consciousness? So if the consciousness is relative awareness of the social and economic position you identify with that includes how you feel objectively about issues, your emotions and inspirations, your thoughts, reasons and motivations, those form your outlook or perception of a universal consciousness.

Now with your smartphone, you are transferring your thoughts and desires by thump typing on the screen whether texting, playing a game, surfing or watching videos. You take this phone everywhere you go; you sleep with it; your friends and family complain about phubbing them (the person on the phone is more important to you than the person you are with in reality). And when the phone rings or vibrates, you get an erotic sensation as you experience a dopamine rush.

OMG does it matter what social or economic position you identify with when your passion for the object of desire is achieved? And having the most popular brand with the latest software is endless happiness.

Irrespective of class, some may search for ways of improving their position or social and economic status, they obviously would want to involve with objective topics and discussions on qualifications or finding suitable jobs or keeping in touch with families and friends.

For others, the smartphone is the means and end in itself. They couldn't succeed beyond the passion and addiction that they possibly cannot remember what they have involved in except fun and pleasures of desires. So who wants to listen to boring teachers in the classroom when there's fun and games in the virtual consciousness! It follows that if students will not go to school, then take the school to the virtual world. I think that some schools are catching up on the idea of using the real environment to break away from smartphone passions and addictions of the virtual world.

The point is, to break away from Poverty is to first break the binds of addiction. But if learning can be associated with desires, then I guess I'm an addict!

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