I think terrorism is reignited on a populous optimism that there's money to be made. Then there's the right wing capitalists' anti vaccine campaign projecting on the usual obnoxious red herring of Freedom. They argue that lockdowns have ruined the economy along with their livelihood. But how the virus got into the country, no one has asked any questions but those suspicions are nonetheless real.

I think the right wing tabloid media has already spread the usual symbolic codes and subtle messages recorded by the subconscious. It's all quiet before the storm and come election campaign, right wing parties have already bolted.

First, the Delta variant has not already been personalised but also politicalised. For the antivaxxers, the bleeding heart ploy is overworked, then there's the cancelled event, or jobs and the economy. And for some sympathetic to the cause have directly laid the blame on the PM's doorstep.

Freedom is exercised in two ways; first, by its subjective material aspects and second; by its social objective bind. The subjective material is the usual aspirations of feelings and emotions linked to addictions, habits and ambitious desires. For example, an antivaxxer may claim a right and freedom not to take a jab. That's fine, but because of his/her freedom not get vaccinated and should he/she is infected, it's a violation on others' freedom not to be infected. That's a natural right!

You see, the subjective material freedom is political, emotional and personal. It fails to entail it a valid reason. And we have seen antivaxxers' campaigns hyped up on provocative terms and language to incite a reaction. And if they have something to say, it is usually wrapped in a tin of red herrings!

If you want to validate your freedom, then respect others' freedom. If you want others to respect your right and freedom but you don't return the favour, then you are a bully and a dictator.

Social or moral freedom is doing what's right for others without influence of desires, political or personal ambitions. What is right is taking a jab to minimise the risk of infection which then protect others when you interact with them. You see, you are doing it for your families, friends and loved ones. And the majority of people are at least safe from the virus in your presence. And the right of all those people who don't want to get infected and die are greater than your subjective material freedom.

And following from the above, the right to health and life is not only natural but also a greater good.

The right wing and capitalist antivaxxers campaign is based on the idea that if the majority of the population is vaccinated, then others who are not are safe in their presence. Where is the evidence for this? India, Brazil and UK all have death tolls in the thousands. So where are the right of those if they wanted to get the jab but cannot afford it or unable to by regulation?

It's a moral act for some countries to halt booster jabs when other people can't afford even the first one.

Yes, covid-19 may not be totally eliminated, but there is a chance of survival when the vaccine strengthens one's immune system to defend him/herself from the virus. And that makes a better defence than not taking the jab and depended on the hope that the next person is vaccinated.

Now, if you are not vaccinated, you are missing out from strengthening your immune system. You are likely to be afraid of going out and feel stress in isolation as you wouldn't want to infect your family, friends and loved ones. And your so-called freedom is severely constrained. But if your freedom depends on someone else been vaccinated, then your whole reason for freedom is really out the window.

The likely people who may have less chances of getting the jab are the ones who mostly need it. We have witnessed that in the current Delta variant blitz, those who are caught up on community activities such as sports, Schools, Church, work and shopping are the ones accumulating positive cases. They are the ones who generate the economy.

If those people are infected and seriously ill, capitalists among right wing antivaxxers cannot save the economy by vaccinating only themselves. Again, we have already learned that business can open all day but if workers and consumers are absent, then your business would go belly-up.

You need people, their communities, Schools, sports and Churches to generate the economy. Vaccines keep these workers among consumers alive. They in turn keep the economy turning and generate profit for business and capitalist.

So, really in this case, right wing capitalists among antivaxxers should respect the right and freedom of workers and consumers for they the business capitalists depend upon. Even if business owners do their own work, they still need consumers. It is true of printing own money. You can have all the money in the world to the value of nothing. And the whole economy comes crashing down.

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