The nature of addiction has the addict possessed with the object of his/her desire. If the possessed has a powerful perception to transform him/herself an entity, then ideological fanatics are awaken to become political entities.

News and information are created by radio and TV shows. They promote issues with right wing ideologies in favour of political agenda. A coordinated effort among outlets have the promoted issue bombarded and repeated over and over until it becomes a popular opinion.

During the process, the media transmits symbols and coded messages by delivery of information, to wake potential political entities from their normal binds of the natural world. The transmission transforms feelings and senses to heightened instincts with the ultimate focus on the object of desire. Whether it's a threat or satisfaction, the beast becomes a super natural entity in the performance of achievement.

Conventional state expectation requiring the usual formal standards during daylight are normal, but when the sun sets, creatures of the night rise from the grave as men and women of the state transform into super natural entities. It's unbelievable how a well-dressed colleague could be a vampire or political entity at the blink of an eye.

Well, during the cause of the normal working day, the shades of darkness is synchronised with the actual transformation ritual from human to political entity. The entity perceives images through shades of darkness. And of course during reverse transformation back to normality, the entity returns to normal day perception. They transform back and forth between shades of darkness and light of day; between super entities and humans.

Now, the human carries on normal everyday duties until symbols and codes are transmitted, that the ritual transformation begins.

The light of day is referred to rational thought and understanding or enlightenment in ideas of life. My previous article on 'being' explains the reasoning of feelings and emotions filtered by the heart and mind. So during times of darkness or when people experience grief, the light of day elevates shared understanding; love and compassion embodying the spirit as people participate in activities to help the suffering.

Thus phenomenal events are explained in symbols and images of the dark or light of the natural and somehow super natural world.

Every time you go online and visit news agencies, you are immediately captured by the symbols and images symbolizing a political affiliation of that outlet. You can't help but notice a consistent campaign to promote a certain view and images repeatedly day after day.

And guess what, a little while later, a popular opinion poll listed the media promoted views and images to have gain support over views and images that were not promoted.

That's the nature of popular opinions, the public don't think or use their minds to evaluate issues. They are polarised by symbols and images planted in their subconscious mind.

That's not all, subversive operations involved profiling protagonists of un-promoted political views. Their characters are tarnished with such symbols and images of violence and abuse not only to silence them but also to undermine their claims. And the psycho political entities of the phenomenal world is a nasty business.

You would have known by now that every time US and may be Australia have a problem, it is either Russia or China's fault. That's what the media embedded and programmed in our mind. And when the media wants to engraved an image, say a candy in your psyche, they transmit the image repeatedly on your screen with appealing colours and tones over and over.

Now, the algorithm is designed to do similar programming of social images to drum up support for a party and influence policy in favour or against a sector. The people behind the machine have that much information on anyone, they can drive you angry and vote in their favour. Thus the mighty media not only dictates opinions and outcomes, but also decides what must be good for all of us!

And by having a TV, radio, a computer, iPhone or newspaper, we are manipulated and controlled by coded symbols and images to be entities of a desired outcome. But all this programming and data collection are done in duress without our consent. And that is valid reason to doubt the validity of our so-called Democracy.

So what can you do? Like I was saying earlier that if you are pure an innocent, you are not only a target but you cannot survive in a toxic and corrupted world. You can stay silent and ignorant, but would soon join them for the sake of your own survival. Sadly, some have ended up incarcerated and asylums.

That internal voice in the wilderness is waking you up now to open your eyes. When the shades of darkness is cleared, you might discover that China is actually promoting world peace while US is promoting itself. There's more but that's another story.

In a chance recovery from phenomenal attack of entities, we can overcome the covid-19 pandemic; we can survive Climate Change and most of all, we can conquer our entities.

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