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Amidst the pressure brought about by the pandemic, the housing crisis and the economy; I am thankful to the government that we, the people in the low income sector are relatively better off than had it been under a different government in office.

Well, experience from historical crises and desperation for economic reformation during periods of economic downturns press panic buttons in the neighbourhood. They are the available sector for blame. And this has always been an awareness of time; when the elements come together, it's time to prepare for the dark.

This time draws closer in fear of covid-19, added uncertainty of income; guilt and shame when issues are personalised by the usual name calling and demonisation. The uncertainty would have told a different story. But rather than resorting to the usual escape in alcohol and drugs escalated to violence and crime; the unemployment rate has fallen and the economy is ticking along.

Comparing to the other countries in the world in terms of housing, income and covid-19; we are better off. It really proves the successful management of the crises and we owe it to the cool heads under pressure of the Labour government. Considering the death toll in countries close by, our lives are saved for the moment. I say that because the first casualties are those in Poverty among the homeless.

Would we still be here under a different government?

Having commented all that, it's hard to find anything positive about the government in the lens' of the media. Their screen shades of darkness associated a melancholy mood to the pandemic and homelessness, it's scary to watch TV or enter any media sites. So I have decided to store my TV until further notice.

Well, there is so much media manipulation and control that's taking an epic capture among consumers especially children. I did warn about a two way communication mechanism in those devices a little while ago. I discovered it to prove a point during my persecution days.

That's why when the panic alarm is triggered, it takes practise and experience to stay calm and think over the nerves. The numbness fills the hollow although movements from the heart is felt in the stomach and still transpires into timeless.

Why should anyone be angry at being real and true when trying to survive? May be the experience is so common and yet intimate that sharing attracts a volume of mix emotions.

There is no healing in social media whether on TV or Internet. They capture and draw blood from your wounds before hanging you dry. I've seen hostile fashion of targeted subjects on the one hand, friendly chat to own type on the other. The more you are honest and true, the greater the hostility. The point is to submit and be silent.

And there goes your conscious mind and freedom. You are not only captured by images of addiction, but you have also submit your mind and will to the regime. You are silenced!

They explain this very well in other countries but turned a blind eye on their own. It's like they cut off your legs then ask you to walk.

I have often referred to a plane where material science fails to transcend, collapses and dies there. It is called Nothingness. That's when you lose your material faculties, and you are left alone on a dark plane. In order to advance, you have to elevate. But if you haven't got what it takes to transcend, then you are left crippled in the dark.

And this is a phenomenon of miracles. Either there is something within you that connects to an advance existence, or something from the advance existence comes to your rescue. And this is it; you wake up, you rise and you see yourself in two or three dimensions although not all at once but in your travel.

All the senses started afresh and beyond like a new sense is added to your faculties. I wouldn't advise it on anyone to try it as therapy. It's either you got it within you, or some external entity helps you out.

That's where you have to make a decision; either go back to your physical self and I don't know what happens after that, or start a new way of the heart and mind. And this is the truth. If you are too pure and honest, you won't survive. You are going against the tide.

So I figured obviously no one is going to be humanly honest and truthful unless for some ulterior motive which has been proven so many times. Therefore if I am not practising the principles of my belief, then humans would leave me alone. But if I am honest and true to my belief, then many humans would be hostile towards me.

Thus I am just being myself exercising my rights to belief and expression. But humans are trying to silence my existence by racial discriminations and hate speech. I think I referred to this as a symbiotic relationship where my honesty and truth helps, but some humans don't like it. So the more they attack me, the better I function and we both benefit.

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