The way of the future has integrated for some; Diversity, Climate Change and Inequality /Equity with the economy. It implies that Trade is based on the above shared values going forward. Otherwise, right wing nationalists have adopted a unilateral dictate on ideological grounds.

So if nature should decide, then the pandemic and Climate Change suggests going forward is to unite for the sake of survival. That's cooperation and sharing of resources and information with third world countries. A unilateral dictate however may oppose such multilateral agreement to assert leadership in any development going forward.

Whether the collective integrates a green economy with social organisation, or right wing nationalist's denial of Climate Change and continue with fossil fuel and exploration as economic development, the answer is echoed on the streets of major cities.

This could be a defining moment in modifying relations and establishing new rules for engagement. There's either a chance for a global green economy, or the alternative is the next step of a trade war. That is why if there is a time in history the people should be informed about their social, political and economic decisions, it is now or it would be too late.

Is the diversity of the global green economy a natural territory for women, or the struggle for power to rule dictates a need for men and weapons for war? There is no challenge in a war for trade let alone for peace. But failure for multilateral agreement leaves no doubt about a war of information propaganda and fake news in a contaminated world of toxic pollution.

Under our local political economic systems, Labour is a social organisation in the public interest and National a material aggregation in favour of the private sector.

The Labour Party's economic development targets inclusiveness of indigenous and non-European peoples as well as non-binary relationships. This is evidential of the government in office having the most diverse representation ever with women taking up senior roles. The PM herself rubs shoulders with powerful men leading powerful nations across the world. It must be good for women to take up more international roles in areas where men dominate including trade relations. And Labour has a wider expand of trade relations not limited to the trickle down scraps of the liberal West.

I cannot say the same for economic development of the National Party whose total female ministers is less than half of Labour's female ministers. National maintains the usual tradition for business and farmers' benefits. This is not to say business and farmers were neglected by Labour. In fact during lockdown, hand out in millions for some businesses and farmers were free for all and still non-recoverable.

Now, considering a narrow expand of trade relations confined to the liberal West; the Climate Change red alert for human must be forcing farmers to consider changes or face extinction. BTW, this is a Climate Change trend, not a fault of the government.

The liberal dictate of the rich men to accumulate profit where distribution is based on a trickle-down effect that has never worked and obsolete. The goal is to make profit from social capital which prioritised goods and services over human wellbeing. As usual, it requires that material impersonal approach to control workers among consumers.

This is the danger-point during the covid-19 pandemic. How to survive during lockdown under a National government that prioritises material profit over human workers and consumers; you could take a cue from UK and other right wing governments across the West. Having said that, I am thankful to be in this great place called Aotearoa New Zealand under a Labour government.

There is a social crisis of depression added to the impact of housing shortages, the covid-19 pandemic and the economy. Oh yes, learning how to live off the grid (power outage) now is a useful exercise preparing for the worse under Climate Change conditions. The social consequences expect a rise in violence and crime with particular impact on prison population and hospital admittance. It is a trend offset by natural phenomena and developmental factors.

Yet, capitalist farmers and opportunist health workers have exploited those natural conditions for personal and political gain. They blame the government for the condition brought about by Climate Change and the pandemic. How weak is that like stealing off the sick?

It warns us of psycho social conditions in extreme weather and emergency demands is here to stay. The professional people are challenged and for some may not be able to cope. And understandably, there is no more nationhood, no society and no family. It would come to the person for him/herself.

And from global to local, life is polarised by ideological divide; between the public and private sector; between the rich and poor. A left wing government would have all its social and economic achievements reversed by a right wing government and vice versa.

But notice the human development through time of natural crises and phenomenal events, even the trained professional individual cannot cope with the social consequences. He/she has lost all hopes in his/her nation, his/her society, culture and family becomes alone for him/herself.

It's a clear indication that human has descended further down the spiral of no return.

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