DARK WORLD 27/08/21

I was referring earlier on universal consciousness that is now manipulated by the Internet; I mean controlling forces of algorithms owned by corporate media including Google, Facebook, Amazon and others. How searches are predicted to redirect information in favour of one idea or brand over another.

And like the natural world that is now wrapped in a bubble of the digital matrix, the natural consciousness is also wrapped in a bubble of the virtual world.

Your thoughts accumulate data of your search experiences to design products according to your choices. Likewise, ideas are associated with your choices in propaganda of popular opinions.

A Ted Talk video has confirmed the same influence is applied to change the outcome of votes. Well, common belief still stands that popular polls are designed to produce the desired outcome - desired outcome being the outcome that favours the entity which paid for the poll. And a party is riding high on this fake simulation to associate with the consciousness. And the whole existence of such a party depends entirely on the media and the funder of such manipulation.

It reminds me of the Matrix and war of the bots. The expensive bots I guess always wins the right to propagate ideas and information on the network. So who has the money to spend on algorithms rules virtual consciousness and in turn the world. Well, the subjective world at that and we are the manipulated consumers without consent.

If you are familiar with My Social Relations, terms and concepts would come naturally to you that dark and subjectivism involve aspects of the material that cannot be validly reasoned into an objective reality. Darkness is like the animal world driven by instincts and desires again without logical reasoning of the thinking mind. The opposite is true of light of day.

However in the dark world, there is no such thing as independence or freedom. And since independence and freedom are the basis of morality, then all morals and objectivity are out the window while we are manipulated by someone else's propaganda. We are fed information and products under the perceptive spell. And chaos is reported in rising trends of mental illness and addiction. But in flowing with the hype, some people are privileged to have their anti-vaccine stand and political propaganda highlighted by the news media.

Well I guess as the media always claims that the public have a right to know information on anti-vaccine and incite political antagonism. It is summed up by one American minister on TV censorship; 'we are entertained by people we wouldn't allow in our homes'. So does that include the media for if not, there is also no such thing as media objectivism in news presentation.

So where does that leave us with our democracy, freedom and sovereignty?

I myself have been trying to maintain my sanity by trying to use my mind and think rather than indulging on good vibes or fluffy news. I have stored my TV away for a while now. I don't have a social media account like Facebook or Instagram and I've been using alternatives to Google.

I also noticed that when I search for issues, three particular sites always come up at the top of the list. Despite the fact that I never click on them, they still come up at the top. They are not ads, rather they are right wing propaganda and somebody is using a lot of money to promote their ideas and try to influence our opinion and hence; the vote.

There's no telling that I have been scammed so many times, and one successfully because I was tricked by false pretence. But I had enough information to rule in my favour and won my case. Based on most articles I write and posted, I am perceived by scammers as easy target on issues of struggles in Poverty and the poor. A scam package is designed to melt my heart and give substantially for a just cause, blah blah blah! Imagine a lonely person targeted by a warm and attractive entity, I can understand how they fall for it and end up losing a lot of money.

That is why as an entity in the virtual world needs a strong and stable anchor to stand on. And an ideal rock is someone who is not too busy engaged on their own image, but someone who reminds you of reason, objectivism, stability, and sanity. The image of your rock inspires you to carry on, motivates you in times of need, and rarely condemning or belittling others.

Believe it or not, you may not be consciously aware of who your rock is. It is like a subconscious awareness of the values and principles you share. And that rock may not be too far away from you. If you are not sure about aesthetics, beauty and attraction, don't worry; a transcending experience is a supernatural phenomenon linked to the values and principle of your being.

So when the current is flowing the opposite direction, you have a stable rock to stand on.

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