There could be an opportunity from covid-19 to search for meaning in life. We know the Delta variant is stigmatised by the virus infections perpetuating the most traumatic memory in modern history.

That is what we share; anger, grief, sorrow, helplessness and fear. We realise this among others, and we rise to help and care for our neighbours. That's a beauty object of transcendence that we can store.

However, it is through the eyes of suffering that a window to the soul is opened, yet we are all caught up in the subjective materials of our entities.

I was trying to interpret data of a recent trend that demanded social media attention, and I saw something of interest there. Points of contact considered hotspots for the virus to spread follow from supermarkets to fast food, takeaways, gyms, hotels, schools and then there was the church.

I saw a glitch in the system that explains the technical fault, it wasn't a human error or personal blame. But you know, we have our elders as rocks to look up to in times of need.

A sociologist would always look for connections to join the links and immediately I thought of addiction. Ok, this is an opinion and like anyone else, we all have preconceived ideas like stereotypes. So I put supermarkets, fast food, gyms and hotels together to give me an idea of someone who may be addicted to food and alcohol. This person may be overweight to mention the gym. The school suggests our subject is somewhere between youth and adulthood. And what gives it out is church.

It's a good thing this generation have some respects for elders and chiefs in the community. But while so much stuff is going on around them, they are involved.

What is needed is time and space to step aside and have another look. It is the best time while the opportunity is there. The delta variant provides the opportunity to be in-touched with feelings and emotion; anger, grief, sorrow, helplessness and fear. When one realises these feelings and emotions in others, he/she has made connections.

He/she is not alone but while others are in the same predicament or vehicle, help is at hand and people would obviously start to think away from negative emotions and into survival and helping out. It's the same as the process of filtering negative feelings and senses, but instead you're not alone.

When your mind is a bit clear, maybe you can start to think and reason whereto from here. Here's a problem. The world is debating right now whether to adopt 'freedom day' or lockdown with ease when needed. India refused to apply protective restrictions such as lockdowns, PPE, hand washing and social spacing; its death toll is 435,788. Some reported its four times as much as that. Brazil used similar methods as India and the death toll is 575,991. UK recently deployed 'freedom day', its death toll is 131,854. Then Australia at 986 and counting. New Zealand is 26. The fact is, if you are not vaccinated, then your chance of hospitalisation is boosted.

The consistent link among the fatalities is illness such as diabetes, obesity, asthma, heart and respiratory problems. These illnesses are associated with Poverty among the poor. And they are the first to die under Delta variant spread.

I know we all die whether hit by the bus when crossing the road or being shot in the neighbourhood let alone by Delta variant. But deep down in the expression of anger, grief, sorrow, helplessness and fear, something says we don't want to die. At the same time, we can't think rationally about it because we are involved. We are passionately involved with the objects of desire every time we try to think.

The vehicle of Delta variant is the opportunity taking us to a time and place to participate in the filter of our mind. If the time should come, if we can't help it, it's not God's will to die. We have failed to see clearly where to from here.

I know in time, New Zealand cannot afford to keep locking down so some sort of strategic endurance has to come. But while we are involved under the cloud of addiction, we might not be able to cope under the testing condition. We are lucky under this government, but when the time comes, we have to do more than to be fit and healthy. We have to learn how to think rationally.

In maintenance of health and purifying the mind to boost our chances for survival, we are in fact preparing our souls for light travel in the beyond. When the time comes and whichever way, we are ready. The vehicle of time and space opportunity may not appear for another hundred years. take care!

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