In the beginning, there were caves and hunting. Then it was Agriculture before Manufacturing, and now it's all Technology.

We have a fair idea of survival in the caves that gave rise to the evolution of breeding strong men to work the farm.

From the farm to the Warehouse and Factory, the family is based on work. Women and men were selected for breeding strong workers to dominate business and the workforce.

It happenned that tribal majority influenced the social organisation of the means of subsistence to maintain dominance and control.

Now in the modern, gradual transition from Tribe to Culture is spearheaded by women in the struggle for equality. The feminists target men, but the underlying source of their struggle is Capitalism itself.

During times of busts, Reformation transfers wealth and resources from public state to private ownershiop which reinforces the rule of the strong and the rich.

Examples of trial influence was demonstrated by the social phenomena of Brexit

Culture is the more civil way of customs and habits symbolised by the arts, crafts, literature and democratic systems of organisation. Tribe is the less civil way of the same that is typical of paternal influence.


 Lake Wanaka

The creation of Adam has come of age to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. Notice Adam is pure and is elevated to the top of the mountain where the parallel is horizontal!

Diversity, equality, bridge of transcendence, transcends

Lake Wanaka

 Lake Wanaka

Lake Tutira

 Lake Tutira

Hutt River in Autumn - overlooking Western Hills

 Hutt River

A Red for the Blue Mountain - Pohutakawa


Kim Dot Kom attempted to break into the local Tribal hold, but he was out-numbered.


The Symbol of Manufacturing; the Machine


Undoubtedly Person of the Decade with outstanding record for humanity in the Syrian War


Homeless and Poverty are inherent of economic developments


Trentham Classic Series January 2018


Auckland Bridge


Lower Hutt City 2018

North End